Spotlight on Rob Reed

Love comedy? Course you do. And with yesterday being Blue Monday we feel it is a good time to focus our Tuesday Spotlight on Manchester filmmaker Rob Reed who has a great list of hilarious and Brit spirited productions.

Starting off in radio production Rob sought after his passions in music and comedy by going into writing and directing his own comedy shorts. His debut short “The Driving test” took away an award at Raindance Film Festival to give him the confidence to really take off his career in filmmaking.

After co-founding his production company “Cork on the Fork” he went on to release an impressive collection of Short films and music videos that fortunately have now made their way onto Clowdy. Take a look at one of our Staff Picks, “The Call” in which a man wishes to deal with a colleague at work in a professionally murderous way.

It’s the dramatic cinematography and eerie opening track that pair hilariously with the comedic timing and friendly demeanor of the caller. You’ll see for yourself that a great element to his shorts are the executions and deliverance of such a hilarious script by such a talented cast ensemble.

The easiest way to identify all that makes Rob Reed’s productions so enjoyable and charming is with his feature length comedy, “Down the Road” which pairs together actors Steve Marsh and Aidan Synnott on a road trip. The destination comes early with a trip to a friends funeral. Not an obvious place for comedy to unravel but Rob’s forte lies in creating something other than grey things in grey situations. The funeral is only the first stop in the journey for the 2 old friends who have conflicting views on how they should now behave with their adult lives. When you have time we can definitely recommend your hour well spent in the company of Rob Reed’s creations.

Head over to his profile to find more of his work including award winning sketches and his music video productions with Duologue.



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