Spotlight on Sobi Thurairatnam

For fans of: Laura Marling, Emmy the Great, Slow Club, Ani DiFranco

We’ve already introduced you to Sobi Thurairatnam through her mesmerising performances at the Clowdy Sessions earlier this year.

But with her new EP, Creatures In My Mind, recently released, we thought we’d refresh your memory on one of the most exciting young artists on the Clowdy roster.

An album track, Devil, is available here. Production came from Joshua Hall of Hourglass Productions, who also works with friend of Clowdy Liam McClair.

Only 21, Sobi has already lived in some of Europe’s biggest cities. She was born in Madrid and moved to London as a small child, before moving to Manchester at the age of 18.

Thankfully for us, her travels have left her with plenty of tales to tell – Morning Light is a good example of her soulful voice and insightful lyrics, which come together to revitalise a classic folky sound.

Sobi Thurairatnam played her first open mic night in London at 16, and has been gigging ever since. She’s performed at prestigious Manchester venues such as Night and Day and the venerable Castle Hotel, which has a firm place in the city’s musical heritage.

And that’s not to mention her Clowdy Sessions show, held at Mojo’s Manchester. Hear Sobi’s thoughts on the process here, in an interview with our very own talent scout Peter Barrie.

Just Like You, bringing to mind the introspective soul-searching of Laura Marling’s early recordings, is a personal favourite.

Marling is just one of the influences on Sobi Thurairatnam, however – a casual listen to any of her tracks reveals an immersion in classic acoustic songwriting, with Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell two of the clearest touchstones.

The Manchester-based songwriter also draws on an interest in more contemporary musicians. She recently supported Kent five-piece Story Books, and is a fan of Damien Rice and Norah Jones among others.

Visit the profile page of Sobi Thurairatnam to learn more about the up-and-coming singer and keep track of her latest Clowds.


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