Spotlight: Stahalamora

Stahalamora is a vocalist from Mumbai, India, who has been collaborating with creatives all over the world and her collaborations have been staff picked 3 times. In this interview, she tells us about her background, who she’s worked with on Twine and gives some on advice on how to find people to work with.

Musical background and influences

My music journey started at age 3 when I started to play the piano and sing the songs I made up in my head. Spending so much time in solitude, made me create a world in my mind, which I later decided to share with the actual world. One of the main reasons I decided to pursue music is because I wanted people to understand and know the thoughts in my magical world and find a way to make them relatable to everyday life. As an artist, I want people to experience a little part of my mind while immersing them in an other worldly musical experience. My musical style comprises of Classical and Celtic vocal elements coupled with dark electronic tones.


Who have you been working with on Twine?

Twine has proved to be an amazing tool in helping me achieve this dream. Growing up in Mumbai, around the hustle of Bollywood, I knew my music was going in a direction very different from those around me and what would actually work in this society. Through Twine, I was able to gladly stick to the kind of music I wanted to do, and I ended up finding a large number of people who were amazing enough to help me live my dream. An hour within joining Twine, I found myself talking to some amazing musicians from all over the globe. One of the first songs I actually collaborated on was with Blancagenda called ‘Comfort me‘ and suddenly, I had an audience that included people from all over the world. Some of my favorite collaborations definitely have to be with Dr3ary on our song ‘Fallen‘ , GodSon on ‘Aquarius‘ and VCWolf on ‘Be Found‘ whose pre release got more than 1500 views within the first week. Besides these, I have worked with other amazing artists like Artem Kovyrkov (A.K.A), Jaee Jaee and not to forget my collaboration with InfiniteScore which is basically the embodiment of what the soundtrack of my world would be.

What’s the best way to find people to work with on Twine?

One word of advice I would give people who are using twine is: never be afraid to experiment and always listen to what people want to send you. You never know who might have something that embodies this art form in a beautiful way. I find that, when using Twine, being nice and telling people what you can offer them goes along way. If you have a clear image of what you can offer, or what you want from a song, it becomes easier to work with other people who can contribute to uplift the song in a way you want, and visa versa. The Twine collaboration board is probably the best and simplest way to find like minded musicians to create amazing music with.

To find out more about Stahalamora, follow her on Twine, Facebook and Twitter.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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