Spotlight: The Blue Squares

The Blue Squares are a Detroit based rock band, who deliver a consistent sound that will assuage a longing for soulful sixties rock with a rough edge while appealing equally to the modern palette. From their beginnings as a 3-piece known as The Wednesdees, the group has since matured into a quartet while continuing to channel legendary underground rock bands from the Sixties and gaining comparisons to such contemporaries as The Greenhornes and The Len Price 3. The evidence of misfortune in Detroit is sadly difficult to avoid, and all too obvious. Using the dilapidated city as a backdrop, their debut album, Hard Times delivers a sound full of grit and determination that speaks to both the city’s past and future. featuring 10 songs reminiscent of The Kinks, 13th Floor Elevators and MC5.

The band hanging out, drinking beers.

Amidst the turbulent sea of eclectic Detroit bands, The Blue Squares have carved themselves a niche, resurrecting the sounds and styles of past eras and superimposing them onto their own, often more emphatic canvas. Putting aside pretense and cliches, and instead focusing on the music.

Image of the band performing live. Used by permission of The Blue Squares.

The Blue Squares’ self titled second full length album is now available on vinyl and for digital download. The album remains loyal to the band’s garage rock roots, but the additional instrumental stylings and fuzz pedal experimentation under the direction of producer, Jim Diamond, contribute to its more refined and dynamic quality. Influences range from sixties nuggets to nineties grunge bands such as Nirvana, and beyond. While fans of their debut album will certainly not be disappointed, it’s fair to say this album has a broader, if slightly different appeal.

Album Cover for their 2014 second self titled full length album.

Have a listen to The Blue Squares’ collection on Clowdy and check out their Website and Bandcamp. Also be sure to catch up on all updates from social pages Facebook and Twitter.


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