Squid Blood Presents: Roshi

Location: Essex, UK. Namely,  ‘Southend-By-Sea’, a resort town sitting just north of where the famous River Thames touches the North Sea. But it’s not the cute seaside resort town we’re interested in today… oh no… it’s one of it’s inhabitants; Jared Howell. 

At the ripe age of 16 in 2010, this promising youth was engulfed in the waves of the dubstep revolution; particularly, with the help of the very prominent London based ‘Circus Records’. With the passion of electronic music swelling in his bones, he soon took to the studio under the moniker ‘Xstatik’ creating a crossbreed of Dubstep infused with Chiptune elements. He even soon collaborated with said record label’s own ‘Mizuki’.

But as his craft and musical styles quickly evolved, as did his identity….and thus the guise ‘Roshi‘ was born.

What can I say about this guy that can’t be said by simply exposing yourself to his music? The kid is as raw as my esophagus after choking down an ill-advised pack of pall-mall’s in between tequila shots. His sound design and bass stutters are so grimey they leave me wanting to run through a brick wall doing a superman pose.

That being said, I’ll just leave this right here…


And for the record, let’s be clear. I’m not the biggest proponent for grime or the dirty bass style music scene at the moment. (seeing as I’ve had my head so far up anything “deep” ‘s backside I’m surprised I can still breathe) But this… THESE beats are so UK, so Grimey and just so damned original sounding I simply can’t help myself; and frankly, I challenge you to find another artist pushing their own boundaries with such genuine dedication.

So 135-140BPM fans, Dubstep fans, Riddim fans (or whatever you prefer to call your niche in this world) rejoice. A gigantic but yet all-so-hidden diamond in the rough has been discovered, and suprisingly enough he’s been right under our noses all along. Let’s just hope he takes to the decks sometime soon and graces us with a live set rowdy enough to leave you bleeding at your gums and begging for more.


To find out more about Roshi, follow him on Clowdy, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and Tumblr.


Jake Beaudoin

Jake Beaudoin