Squid Blood Presents: S()ulish

Stylish, unique, intricate, and adventurous are just some of the pure plethora of adjectives that surge through my cortex after listening to Dutch prodigy ’S()ulish’ (otherwise known as ‘Beat Fatigue’). Not only is this 26 year old Dutch engineer writing some insanely marvelous sounding tunes, but the guy is so under-the-radar, he might as well be part of the circuit board. The only thing I could ponder when I first heard him was “WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS EARLIER?!” It was reminiscent of when I first discovered ‘Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome’ for the first time at the age of 25… “Where in the hell has this been all my life?”

First dabbling in guitar at around 10 years old in the genres of Jazz, Funk and Fusion looking up to such artists as John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Richard Bonayou, you can really see those roots shine through in his work today under the guise S()ulish. With his latest 14 track LP release labeled “Back Home” out now on Bandcamp, one can truly watch his monstrous range unfold in terms of production quality and imagination. Every track on this release is worthy of it’s own single but strangely enough, they all work together in a rare cohesion of quirky genre-bending “chill” tracks that seem to give each other more power and character with every play.

When I asked him about the origin of “S()ulish” outside of his alias “Beat Fatigue”, he simply told me that he has so many ideas stirring inside him that some manifestations simply don’t fit the vibe of his better-known half, but are just as important to his growth and originality as an artist; and I think it’s about time we get this side project the attention it deserves.

To find out more about S()ulish, follow him on Clowdy, Facebook and Twitter.


Jake Beaudoin

Jake Beaudoin