Squid Blood Presents: YDID

“Techno”, one of the most common phrase misnomers in the electronic scene. Typically used by outsiders to incorrectly describe electronic music, but beyond the misconceptions, is one of the most overlooked and otherwise unappreciated genre’s since the dawn of the movement. Although now it appears that this seemingly dead genre might be making a comeback.

YDID, a young and ambitious producer hailing from Toronto, Canada is leading the charge of that very revival. With a refreshing outlook and unparalleled enthusiasm for his craft, he’s just recently released a fire x3 track EP off of Sapphire Records labeled ’Darkroom’. Needless to say these original tracks are receiving lots of love (32k + plays) and are frankly a long awaited change-of-pace in a sea of otherwise monotonous pop style 4×4 tracks that are currently filling the airwaves.

Even within the wake of this massive debut EP, he shows absolutely no signs of slowing down; teasing some major banger clips online with the featured track below  “Legs&Butts”. This tune delivers a true old school broiler-room vibe meshed to perfection with the comical samplings of it’s own naming convention of… you guessed it…. “legs and butts”.

This tune won’t just have you bouncing in your seat like a toddler eating graham crackers, but you’ll more than likely find your face smeared with a grin wide enough to cause some serious smile lines.

Techno, by nature and reputation typically lacks the harmonics one would hear in most mainstream dance tracks, but with YDID‘s ever-neurotic attention to detail he manages to create a dynamic landscape in his work that is absolutely addicting and near impossible to NOT dance to.

With his values lying in the perfection of minimal styles like Garage, Tech, Electro and Deep House, it’s no surprise he’s quickly breathing life into the found-sound styles of Techno with a purist perspective that can only be praised and appreciated.

Is Techno as a genre being revived for the mainstream? it’s hard to tell at this point, but it certainly has warm blood coursing through it’s veins, and we can only hope YDID keeps cranking out original tracks to keep our musical palate’s salivating.

To find out more about YDID follow him on ClowdySoundcloudFacebook and Twitter.


Jake Beaudoin

Jake Beaudoin