Squidblood Presents: Subtle Element

“Subtle huh?” I say to myself giggling as my pissed-off roommates leave my room at 2am with bloodshot eyes. There’s certainly nothing subtle about picking up your own eardrums off of the floor, which is exactly what I proceeded to do after to listening to the brilliant 22 year old Bristol residents’ tunes; Sean Barber, otherwise known as “Subtle Element”.

Beginning his foray into mixing records at the young age of 16 and then going on to do Music Production at the Deep Blue Sound in Cornwall, Sean Barber rapidly sharpened his sword early and now is crafting some serious edges in the DnB silo, with a style that captures a truly nostalgic vibe I personally associate with DnB back the late 90’s / early 2000’s.

To quote the great Russell Crowe, ‘ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!?” I sure as hell am.

This tune coming exclusively off of his new 4 track EP labeled “Alternate” (scheduled to drop this September the 13th) is going to be absolutely gargantuan; bringing us deep and dark bass-lines, massively spacious dynamics, bone shattering snares, and enough roller-style neuro to make any dnb head want to two-step.

Currently mid way though his diploma in Music Production at DBS in Bristol, Barber is now reaching a pinnacle of sound design in his career receiving cheers from such engrained artists as Optic, BTK, Volatile Cycle, and support from labels like Flexout Audio, Nurtured Beats and the forthcoming Counterpoint Recordings.

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll certainly be hearing more from this rising, starry-eyed exhibitionist, and I for one could not be more excited to hear what’s next.

To find out more about Subtle Element, follow him on Clowdy, Facebook and Twitter.


Jake Beaudoin

Jake Beaudoin