Stefan Gandhi Presents: Aeuria

Releasing music under the alias Aeuria, Lucas Putnam is a young up-and-coming producer who aims to please listeners with his incredible take on ambient/chillout electronic music. Based in Canada, Aeuria challenges the norm by incorporating emotions, visuals, and psychology all into one. His solo project includes previous collaborations with numerous artists from the likes of Bijou, Nori, and Oneira.

On discussing the earlier years of his life, Putnam said: “I grew up in a small town of around 1000 people and I am very used to going outside – walking around the trees – lighting a fire, and simply being in nature. Hopefully, these emotions kind of reflect themselves in my music. I started Aeuria to be a project based on exploration, experimentation, and to essentially ‘journal’ my mental location in life. I was an ‘EDM’ producer before this and I just never got anything out of it – I wanted to look years from now at my songs with nostalgia like parents do with a photo album.”

Using his education in film production as the main inspiration behind this project, Aeuria professionally treats real-world foley sounds by adapting them to fill-out and add importance to his compositions. As a result, this open mindset has created a brand that is far from predictable.

The majority of Aeuria’s artwork merges beautifully captured photography with a grainy signature look, and amongst his work as an artist, this visual feature alone is enough to grab your attention.

‘Open Me’ is Aeuria’s collaboration with multi-instrumentalist, graphic artist, and future top-tear vocalist Mothica. Immediately, you’ll discover that this track is one for the summer playlist as it drops the listener into a world of cool vibes. The production values in the song exceeds the high expectations of a standard electronic track, introducing new experimentation throughout that keeps the active listener enticed from start to finish. Mothica’s eerie vocal style is delicate, yet she remains the centre of focus throughout the track. With old school drum samples that link together nicely with the warmth of the low-end bassline, the rhythm section certainly isn’t lacking the fundamentals for what makes a great chillout track. Aeuria attempts to get a psychological response with the various melodies and dynamics that appear in the track, which is accomplished in the end by fusing Mothica’s distinct style with his own.

The track is about being overtaken and destroyed by depression. Mothica’s original lyrics were tweaked by Aeuria himself to fit the theme of that relationship with the illness, alongside how it affects those around you.

“One night after a conversation with Mothica, she sent me an early cell phone recording of what would later become ‘Open Me’. I knew it was something special and that I had to put my touch on the final. I still think her version is something special, and has vastly better lyrical input than my butchery. But nonetheless, I am happy with the way it turned out.” – L. Putnam.

Future plans: With experimentation, Putnam wants to develop his sound design skills and work a lot more on his compositions. He is currently in the process of scoring a short film, as well as writing music for licensing. Keen on integrating his music with visuals, Putnam has begun his search for new collaborations where he can make this happen.

If you’re interested in hearing more from Aeuria, then you can support him via Clowdy, FB, and Twitter. Exclusively on Bandcamp, you can now purchase his latest release The ‘Aeuria’ Project: Collection (2012 – 2015).


Stefan Gandhi

Stefan Gandhi

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