Stefan Gandhi Presents: Attlaes

One of our featured staff picks this week comes from the London producer, writer, remixer & vocalist, Gurneet Ahluwalia aka Attlaes. Before reinventing himself as Attlaes with the atmospheric sound that’s best described as ‘Cinematica’, Gurneet was well known for his skills as the writer/guitarist of death metal bands, Viatrophy & Sylosis. Attlaes is the new solo project by Gurneet, and has a fresh sound that draws in on his early trip-hop, downtempo & electronic influences from artists such as Massive Attack, Zero 7 and Bonobo.

With a Japanese twist on what would usually associate Attlaes with artists such as Woodkid & Cinematic Orchestra, ‘Hanami Bloom’ is the perfect soundtrack to your dreams! The track’s name is derived and inspired by the term ‘Hanami’, which is a Japanese tradition where parties of people enjoy the beautiful sights of cherry trees in full blossom. I’m pretty sure you don’t get that kind of cultural insight from many tracks these days…right?

The ghost-like vocal harmonies, interesting percussive rhythms and oriental motifs in this track alone are mind-blowing enough to make you feel as if you’re living in a whole new world for those brief four minutes, but if you’re still not convinced, then you’ll definitely be captivated by the track’s incredible music video. Directed by Katy Pople, featuring London based model/jewellery designer Mei-Li Rose.

With the release of his debut single, there is something truly special in this distinct sound that makes Attlaes a real gem in today’s music industry. I certainly look forward to hearing more in the future from this emerging UK talent!

Show your support by heading over to his Clowdy and FB page, and do your part to help an undiscovered artist breakthrough! The debut single ‘Hanami Bloom’ is available now via iTunes, so get your copy today!


Stefan Gandhi

Stefan Gandhi

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