Stefan Gandhi Presents: Ofelia K

One artist on our radar at the moment is the Los Angeles based songstress Ofelia K. With a history of successful music collaborations, this young singer has finally decided to take things into her own hands. Ofelia K’s solo project has quickly gained the attention of keen listeners online with her debut single ‘White T-Shirt’, which hit 100k plays on SoundCloud in just two weeks.

Over recent years, Ofelia’s previous music projects with other artists have earnt her three #1’s on Hype Machine’s popular chart (including twice as the vocalist of indie-pop duo Wanderhouse, and once alongside EDM producer Felix Cartel for ‘New Scene’, which Billboard named “one of the best dance recordings of the year in 2013”). At this point, it’s no surprise that she has had such a good response to her debut single. With a loyal following of fans, this emerging artist can only continue to get bigger as word of mouth spreads the word. In the time between her working as a collaborator and the start of her latest solo project, Ofelia K has supported various acts including the Grammy award-winning artist Ray LaMontagne, a nationally touring American folk singer-songwriter whose had success with songs such as ‘Trouble’ and ‘You Are The Best Thing’.

Taken from her highly anticipated forthcoming solo EP, ‘White T-Shirt’ reintroduces Ofelia K back into the world with the welcome she deserves.

Presented on the surface as a mellow track that targets the youthful listeners, the innocence and honesty of the lyrics throughout actually express a feeling of personal frustration. By using a professionally shaped tune to cover up this meaning in a way that is exciting for the audience, as opposed to being sad, we are left with a positive impression that has been cleverly influenced into perceiving this track as being something perfectly suited for a festival environment. Ofelia’s vocal work is the heart of this warm indie pop song, leaving the listener comfortable and open-minded as the track progresses. The electric guitar’s playful style grabs your focus immediately, complimenting together nicely with the percussion and synth parts that add interest to this song’s minimalistic set-up. Appealing to the non-cheesy pop market, the chorus is certainly a highlight, with catchy melodies and larger than life vocal harmonies that sound incredible alongside the backing track. This song definitely confirms that Ofelia K is more than your everyday artist, she is nothing short of being mainstream and has a sound that is born for national radio.

Sharing the creative process behind her new single, Ofelia says: “I wrote ‘White T-Shirt’ with Ben Cassorla and Patrick Lynch. Ben did a lot of the initial production and he brought an organic, left-of-centre element to the song. Then we brought it to Mighty Mike who put a nice pop sheen on top and worked his magic with the drums, additional guitars and arrangement. I’ve always loved combining genres and I think different worlds came together on this one and made it something special.”

When a musician finds their brand sound as an artist, the journey is one that can be enjoyed by the fans, as well as the artist themselves. With the start of her solo project on the go, we predict to see big things from Ofelia K in the upcoming future!

If you’d like to find out more about Ofelia K, you can follow her via Clowdy, SoundCloud, FB, Twitter and her official website. Her debut single ‘White T-Shirt’ is available on iTunes now.


Stefan Gandhi

Stefan Gandhi

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