Stefan Gandhi Presents: Teischa

At just 18 years old, Perth based singer-songwriter Teischa has been on the rise with her mature approach to songwriting and talent for producing a good song. With a unique writing style that originates from childhood interests for travelling and adventure, this young artist’s in-depth storytelling is reason alone to be a fan. Teischa’s background includes moving with her family at the age of 11 to Phuket, Thailand, where she experienced a new world of culture that would act as the first significant influence to spark her passion for music.

Teischa comments: “I make music for lots of different reasons, but mainly to express myself. I often write about what I don’t necessarily think I can talk about. Finding a melody and putting words together is almost therapeutic to me.”

With aspirations for becoming a breakthrough artist, Teischa has focused her soulful pop sound towards the local audience by participating in major platforms for upcoming artists around Australia. Most recently, she won the 2014 Telstra Road to Discovery, a national program which creates a pathway for emerging artists who are keen about establishing themselves in the Australian music scene.

Following on from this success, Teischa would shortly after introduce the release of her debut single, ‘Trick of the Light’, a track which skillfully blends a fusion of electronic and acoustic textures together in a manner that showcases the start of what will certainly be a prosperous career for this early star. This single was particularly well received by hitting an incredible #4 on the triple j Unearthed chart, a music discovery website with well over 100,000 tracks in it’s database, as well as being hugely popular amongst Australian musicians who are trying to find their target audience.

Alongside performances this last year including an appearance at West Australia’s Nannup Music Festival 2015, Teischa has been keeping busy in the studio working on her highly anticipated debut EP with Joel Quartermain (Eskimo Joe). Giving listeners a hint of what’s to come in the future, her latest single, ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ was released in June 2015.

Using the power of a great hook to keep you on the edge of your seat, the main piano’s recurring melody is memorable, instantly categorising this emotional track as something for the pop market. The simple instrumentation throughout is more than made up for with Teischa’s soulful vocal tone, something that plays hand-in-hand with the song’s warm, stripped back live sound. Each individual element plays a key role in the track that combines to make this piece something that unexplainably just works. The track follows a typical pop song structure, but regardless, keeps the listener engaged with melodies that do not disappoint. As part of the song’s high production value, string layers have been utilised for the benefit of adding a richer sound to the overall mix. This is accomplished with an arrangement that purposely doesn’t get in the way of the other instruments, but rather, helps by driving the song instead. In the chorus, the phrase “couldn’t care less for the money“ is repeated for emphasis on what could be interpreted as a form of rebellion, hence why it’s easy to imagine this section as a crowd pleaser with the vocal harmonies stressing the importance of these specific lyrics.

“‘Couldn’t Care Less’ is an honest and personal piece of songwriting. It is what I think is my best work yet and I’m very proud of how it’s come together. I have to give credit and huge thanks to Joel Quartermain, who produced this track and made it come to life. He was able to understand what I wanted to communicate through the songwriting and match that in the production.” – Teischa.

Teischa’s career in the music industry is currently on the right path, and could develop into anything at this point. How about a professional songwriter for other artists? Only time will tell…

Future plans: A music video for ‘Couldn’t Care Less’, as well as the release of her debut EP in August this year. Teischa is also going to be making her first trip to the US in September to play at the Americana Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. Without a doubt, there will be lots to look forward to in 2015!

If you’d like to find out more about Teischa, you can follow her via Clowdy, SoundCloud, YouTube, FB and Twitter. Her latest single ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ is available on iTunes now.


Stefan Gandhi

Stefan Gandhi

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