Stefan Gandhi Presents: White Royal

I have something new and exciting for you guys! My search this week has brought me to a promising three-piece electronic band from Leeds, UK. Formed in late 2013, White Royal’s line-up consists of Josh Hubson (Vocals), Thomas Balmforth (Electronics) and Jonty Brown (Drums and Percussion).

They say that when an artist finds a sound that they can call their own, this is when the magic happens. This is what happened for White Royal when they took the time to concentrate on developing a sound that would eventually evolve as a result of their live appearances throughout mid 2014. This in particular includes playing as a support act for Glass Animals, as well as playing on the bill for the award-winning metropolitan music festival ‘Live at Leeds’.

Once the summer was over, White Royal signed with the Brooklyn based electronic label ‘Color Station’, and have since released their debut single, ‘Notice’. The track has managed to secure features for the band in numerous publications from the likes of Q and DIY, so they obviously must be doing something right to be getting this level of support.

Within seconds of listening to their single, you are presented with the all-important concept behind what makes this group who they are as a band. ‘Notice’ is all about the chilled vibes, and this feeling goes hand in hand with the larger than life instrumentation that has been used throughout.

I would best describe Josh’s vocal work in this track as ‘haunting’. They blend nicely into the background via an effect that I can safely assume to be a type of reverb, whilst maintaining their essence as the main melody alongside the mix of interesting synth elements. The electronic layers in this track are insanely cool too; this includes a deep low-end bassline that sits comfortably within the sub region of the frequency spectrum. Beyond doubt though, the use of dissonant soundscapes are what make this track stand out so much for me as a listener, and I can hear the care taken in the songwriting craftsmanship that has got the band from point A to B in the song’s creation.

I can definitely imagine listening to this and looking up towards a sky full of stars at night, so thumbs up to the guys at White Royal for producing something that should be heard by all of the keen downtempo/electronic music fans out there. I am positive that I will enjoy hearing this as part of one of my chill out playlists in the upcoming future!

As an addition to my recommendation list, White Royal are certainly one of my new favourites for this summer!

If you’re interested in the band and would like to find out more, then be sure to check them out on Clowdy and FB. You can buy their debut single ‘Notice’ via iTunes.


Stefan Gandhi

Stefan Gandhi

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