Success stories: Ishan Chattoraj

Ishan Chattoraj is a freelance graphic designer from Kolkata who’s been collaborating on awesome projects with musicians from around the world on Twine. His design for Kay The Indigo‘s album “The Quest For Peace” is one of this week’s staff picks. In this interview he talks about his collaborations and shares tips for meeting other creatives on Twine.

What is your background and influences?

Since childhood I’ve always been into comics and art and let’s just say one thing led to another and I found Twine (at that time Clowdy) so I decided I could try to get some experience of working with others as well as the opportunity to try new styles and experiment. You could say helping out others and watching my artwork spread was my inspiration. Twine has been able to connect me to the rest of the world it has been a nice experience so far.


Who have you worked with on Twine (and what projects you’ve worked on)?

I recently designed the cover for Kay The Indigo’s album The Quest For Peace and I have a lot of projects on the go with various creatives. My projects generally comprise of album art but I’m expanding to lyric videos and different sorts of animations so watch this space!


What’s your advice for finding people to work with on Twine?

Well personally finding people on Twine hasn’t been much of a problem for me. I just try to do stuff the people want it if its their project as when you’re finding creatives it is very important to be persuasive and dedicated. Finding creatives with similar interests always helps.

To find out more about Ishan Chattoraj, follow him on Twine and Twitter.


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Joe Scarffe

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