Success stories: Nick Ray

Nick Ray is a singer, songwriter and producer from New Orleans. We loved his collaboration with the Mexican composer/audio engineer Anzbern, By The Way. He provided the vocals on this summery smash hit – we couldn’t not make it a staff pick! In this interview he talks about how his style has evolved, who he’s been working with and getting the best out of Twine.

Who are your musical background and influences:

I grew up in the 90’s. So the grunge boom really affected me. Vocally you can hear the influence in my singing. But naturally, I evolved from that, taking my singing style to a different format. Musically as well. Grunge was more organic musically. I have a more modern electronic feel to my music.

Who have you worked with on Twine:

My most recent collaboration was with producer Anzbern from Mexico City called “By The Way“. I basically was browsing through the collaboration postings and found his ad. I then contacted him and it we took it from there. We also just had a pretty big remix of our track “By The Way” recreated by a group called Neptunica from Germany, who have just been signed to Kontour Records. I’m very proud of the outcome of this track, and none of this would have been possible without the help of Twine! Along with that I have just finished a collaboration with Asmow who I also contacted through Twine. This track also has a soulful singer from New Orleans named Mikalya Braun featured on this track. I will be releasing this track on Twine very soon!

Can you give any tips for how to find people and start working on Twine?
My advice to anyone looking to collaborate with people on Twine would be:

1) Browse the Twine collaboration ads daily and reach out to those artist who interest you.
2) Make sure you have some of your work on Twine for those artists to hear what you are working with.
3) Always be professional when communicating with your potential collaboration partners.
And last but not least, If you take on a project be ready to work! It is important that whatever you commit to, you follow through with.

To find out more about Nick Ray, follow him on Twine, Facebook and Twitter.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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