Success Stories: Oscar Wesoul

Oscar Wesoul is a music producer and DJ from Valencia in sunny Spain. We loved his deep house track Frisbee, so we made it a staff pick! In this interview he talks about his passions, shares tips for working with other creatives and getting the best out of Twine.

What is your musical background and who are your influences?

Well, my influences are clearly deep house and future house. I’ve been listening to this music for years and at one point, at 17 years old, I decided to start producing the music that I’ve been listening to and I like so much. My inspiration to start producing music was Oliver Heldens. After that I started hearing music and from other producers such as Don Diablo, Michael Calphan, Lost Frequencies, Sam feldt etc… So in the beginning I started copying, or trying to copy what they did, but now I want my own style. I don’t want to take profit from my tracks and earn a lot of money. The reason why I started doing this was because I wanted my music to be listened to in any place in the world and create experiences where people could understand the message inside my track. That’s my motto “Do what I love and love what I do”.

Who have you worked with on Twine?

When I had my first production finished to the point that I couldn’t do any more, I started looking for someone who could give my music some professional experience, and mastering and mixing for it. I found Johan Vegna on Twine when I posted that I needed help to show my music to the world and do it in a professional way. He was amazing, and my first production Frisbee was finished and released a few months later on Spotify.

Can you give any tips for how to find people and start working on Twine?

My advice to all the people who use Twine is:
– Not to be afraid of working with other people that you don’t know.
– Be open-minded to create things together.
– Give people the opportunity to contact you and give you their advice
– Try new and interesting things, we have to challenge ourselves and create our own style. The only way to achieve this is try all possible things to know what fits you better.

To find out more about Oscar Wesoul, follow him on Twine, Facebook and Twitter.


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

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