3 Take-away tips for emerging film makers

Film makers listen up! We’ve got 3 must read tips for you from Denise Proctor to help you take your films to the next level. Denise is a film director who has won awards including Chicago Film Festival and had work sold, distributed and directed for broadcasters internationally. 

      1. With the various projects to be completed on a 2 year MA/3 year BA film or Animation course, alongside the learning process of lectures and experimentation, it is over-ambitious to expect to complete a final film that demonstrates your mastery of narrative and technique. The best strategy is to aim to make your film as far as possible, and then cut it professionally as just a trailer of the film you could make (if you had the right resources). This is both a calling card for the industry, yet you will also have the key scenes captured and ready to complete the film when you have the resources in place.
      1. In readiness for sales of your film to broadcasters internationally ensure that you have evidence of clearance of all rights for those appearing on screen. Be prepared to supply details of audio timeline and translations for subtitles/voice-overs. Plus ensure that the music you have is under licence to you or ideally bought out. The best way to achieve this is to work with a sound artist directly via sites such as Twine, to find the most suitable style and negotiate ownership.
      1. Don’t make the titles an after-thought. The best films often have the best title screens that enhance or illustrate the narrative of the film. It is an art in itself. So finding a graphics artist who understands motion graphics, or an animator with a style sympathetic to your film, boosts your film’s chances for sales and festival wins. Via Twine you can set the brief, share your script and existing shots, to work with the best artists internationally, who suit your style, for the price that you set.


Denise Proctor

Denise Proctor

Denise Proctor is the CEO of Noisefestival.com and a talent scout for the Creative Industries over 25 years. An RCA Film Directing alumna, Denise has won awards including Chicago Film Festival, had work sold, distributed and directed for broadcasters internationally.