This week’s creative lowdown: colourful portraits, anti-Trump picture books and trippy music videos

Dying for your fill of the latest creative news? Well, look no further! Take a look at some of the amazing art that’s been created around the world this week in this creative lowdown.

Artist Petra Eriksson illustrates strangers in stunningly colourful portraits

We love Swedish illustrator Petra Erikkson’s recreations of women she’s seen in Pinterest photos. These portraits are bold, pop-art reminiscent and bursting to the brim with style. Petra explains to Creative Boom how she’ll alternate and rework her subjects by changing their hair, skin colour, clothes or any little detail in their expressions: “The important thing is that I feel like I can turn the portrait into my own style.”

Not My President: Hollywood illustrators collaborate on anti-Trump picture-book


Illustrators from studios including Disney, Nickelodeon and Dreamworks are collaborating on a new “children’s book for adults”, fittingly titled Not My President. The book, which (perhaps unsurprisingly) features quite a bit of the colour orange is currently being crowdfunded on GoFundMe. The illustrations take the art styles of children’s picture books and apply them to darker, political subject matter. Creative recruiter Alison Mann organised the artists. She explains to LA Weekly:

“I was really feeling demoralized and angry about what was happening in our country, and I wanted to channel my energy into something positive. One day I was sitting at home with my husband and our twin babies reading a bunch of different children’s books of all shapes and sizes, and thought of a protest book for adults inspired by colorful board books for children.”

Proceeds from the book will be donated to ACLU, Planned Parenthood and L.A. Justice Fund.

Niko Javan’s music video takes you on a seriously psychedelic journey

Multi-talented Niko Javan not only made this track, but animated it too, using Photoshop and After Effects. These stunning, kaleidoscopic visuals take you on a journey into a psychedelic landscape. Speaking to the Creator’s Project, Javan explains his thinking behind the video: “Mental is about being genuine, conscious and accountable for your own actions, even if everybody disagrees with you, and makes you out to be insane.”






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