We interviewed the amazing Tiffany Gaines!

Tiffany Gaines is one of the biggest names in the independent music scene and a renowned marketing & music guru.

A business phenomenon, she manages over 3000 artists (including Freeway Rick Ross, Myko of Rick Ross Music Group and Christine Storm) through her leading artist development company Blasia Entertainment alongside holding more than 10 positions in the hotel and entertainment industries.

We were very lucky enough to interview her for over an hour and grill her about finding success as an independent artist.

It’s hard to fit more into your day than Tiffany does – as well as her work in the entertainment and hotel sectors, she’s an advocate speaker for youth and supports a range of charitable organisations. She was incredible and inspiring to talk to, and we’re really happy to be able to share her words of wisdom with the Twine community. She’s an industry elite and knows the music industry inside out – so watch the interview for some amazing advice on record labels, the perks and perils of being an independent artist and the do’s and don’ts of networking and social media.

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