Twine Partners Exclusively with Oxygen to Help Freelancers with their Finances

Being a freelancer is not easy. The day-to-day challenges are many, and as you’re juggling multiple priorities and managing ever-demanding client expectations, you start to realize that there are a few things you didn’t think about before you started. How do you market yourself? How can you best manage your finances? How do you make ends meet in the meantime? While a lot of freelancers launch their careers because they love what they do, they quickly realize that administrative-work is half the trade.

And trying to stay financially afloat while you’re figuring it out can quickly become a logistical nightmare. At Oxygen, Twine’s new exclusive US financial services partner, we get it.

Oxygen, in partnership with its banking partner, The Bancorp Bank, is the first digital financial services platform built for the freelance economy. Our story began when our founder and CEO, Hussein Ahmed, tried to get a simple loan; despite the fact that he was an in-demand freelancer, his long-time bank turned him down. When he went to a series of alternative lenders, they all told him the same thing: according to them, he didn’t have consistent income because he was a 1099 worker, and wasn’t going to qualify for a loan.

“​I was a consultant,” Ahmed says, “I was regularly picking up projects, and had been for the last two years. But when I tried to take out a loan, lenders said they couldn’t verify my income and asked for ten pages of documentation. It was ridiculous.” When he asked other freelancers he knew if they had experienced similar problems, they confirmed that this was a constant issue. And thus, Oxygen was born.

Since then, our team of experts has created a digital platform that provides everyday spending functionality with access to a line of credit–all via a fast, frictionless, mobile user experience.

With Oxygen, our customers can:

  • Access a line of credit. ​Breathe easy knowing you can instantly access cash to help grow your business and help with those unexpected expenses. Maintaining an account with Oxygen for just 90 days can unlock access to credit*.
  • Set up an account in less than a minute: ​Just download the app and follow a few simple steps. It’s that easy.
  • Make everyday purchases with your Oxygen Visa® Debit Card.​ No points, no gimmicks–just real cashback offers at specified merchants. Need cash? You can access Allpoint’s® worldwide network of over 55,000 ATMs with no fee, located at Costco, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Kroger and other popular retailers.
  • See a real-time view of your financial picture for budgeting and saving. ​Have an understanding of how your money works immediately. See spending, upcoming bills, and even expected income in one easy-to-understand dashboard.
  • Set up an LLC​. Protect your personal assets and help grow your business by registering as an LLC. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating ​here​.

Like Twine, we celebrate the freelance lifestyle. At Oxygen, we make starting, managing and growing your business easier, so you can focus on doing what you love. We ​are creating the infrastructure that is changing the face of financial inclusion for the 1099 Nation. Learn more here​.

*Account holders can apply for credit after 90 days of banking with Oxygen.

Banking Services provided by The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC. The Oxygen Visa® Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.”

Oxygen’s credit and loan products are offered by ReliefClub, Inc.; subject to application approval.




Oxygen is providing today’s hustlers access to free banking and fair credit and has been awarded Best Digital Bank Account in the US.