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Visual content has become the most powerful tool for marketers to communicate with their customers. Hubspot recently found out that just putting a video on a landing page will increase conversions by 200-300%. A recent Nielsen study also found that 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future and over half of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Mobile video traffic now accounts for more than half of all mobile data traffic and, according to Cisco, 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020.

The reason why video content is so engaging is that you can pack a lot more information per second in a video than you can in plain text – and with our attention spans now less than that of a goldfish, those first few seconds are crucial. If a picture paints 1,000 words then recent research suggests that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.


The clear front runner is YouTube, who have over a billion users and a video play growth of 50%, year on year. Facebook are in a strong second place, now serving 8 billion video views per day. One of the biggest drivers of Facebook’s staggering grow in video content has been their push for content creators to upload videos to the platform natively. The other is the launch of autoplay on videos which has increased the growth of video play by 785%.


Perhaps the most famous example of video marketing is Google Android’s ‘Friends Furever’ video, which is the most shared advert of all time. Reebook’s ‘25,915 Days’ video doesn’t even contain any spoken words, but the footage is powerful enough on its own and really effectively communicates their brand image to their whole customer base. The reason why these adverts are so successful is that they connect with people’s emotions on such a deep level. According to research conducted by Scott Magids, Alan Zorfas, and Daniel Leemon, customers who are ‘fully connected’ emotionally to a brand spend twice as much on average than customers categorized as ‘highly satisfied’.

We understand the power of high quality video content. That’s why we’ve partnered with ZiMovi, the innovative video hosting, communication and marketing platform. ZiMovi helps you track the success of your videos by providing you with meaningful insights on your video performance and audience engagement. Our partnership will supercharge your video marketing by bringing together Twine’s community of skilled video content creators to help you create visual content and ZiMovi’s suite of tools to measure its success and impact. This quick overview video will show you how.

We’re also aware of how important it is as a creative to track your professional success, which is why Twine and ZiMovi support your complete creative journey, from starting a new project to analysing success and impact. Twine helps you get the credit you deserve, build a portfolio and find new projects. ZiMovi helps you monitor the performance and audience engagement of your content, providing more meaningful insights for you and your clients. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up to – it only takes a minute and is totally free.
  2. Post your project brief and set your budget. Here are some suggested budgets for different roles.
  3. Get to know your freelancers through the Twine messaging system and view their past work by browsing their portfolio.
  4. Once the work’s complete, pay your freelancer safely and securely through Twine via PayPal, with a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.
  5. Sign up to Zimovi and set up your account.
  6. Upload your video content by uploading a file or link from YouTube or Vimeo. Your videos are stored in a library enabling you view, organise and edit. From here you can organise into playlists, manage visibility, share options and apply ZiMovi features to each.
  7. Design your ZiMovi channel, including what videos appear and in what order, play lists and the overall look and feel. Reflect your brand by including relevant logos, descriptions, background images and colour schemes ensuring you content is consistent.
  8. Access real time analytics and use meaningful analytics to measure video success and viewer engagement. Schedule branded reports to send to defined email list, internally or direct to client.


Stuart Logan

Stuart Logan

The CEO of Twine. Follow him on Twine and on Twitter @stuartlogan – As the Big Boss, Stuart spends his days in a large leather armchair, staring out over the Manchester skyline while smoking a cigar and plotting world domination. (He doesn’t really). Originally from Salisbury, UK, he studied computer science at Manchester University but was always keen to break into the exciting world of start-ups, and was involved in a number of ventures before finalising his plans for Twine. When not wearing his chief executive hat (metaphorically speaking) he enjoys harbouring unrealistic expectations for Manchester United’s future success and live music.