If it fits, it sings! Unexpected Music Collaborations

Musicians collaborating with other musicians can either turn their performances into memorable acts or into complete disasters. We came up with five unexpected music collaborations: some are great, some are… well, not so great.

1. Two different eras and two different genres. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are a perfect match. No matter which outrageous dress or wig she wears, Gaga has never been so elegant and charming. lady-gaga-tony-bennettNo exaggerations, purely smooth and bewitching vocals accompanied by Bennett’s unequivocally luscious and nonchalant jazzy voice. They seem to understand each other both in music terms and in friendship, and this complicity is palpable in the songs. Tony effortlessly reaches high notes at the legendary age of 88.

2. Like mixing ketchup and mayo for Pink sauce, like fusing Goku and Vegeta to form Gogeta, Mc Fly mcbusted-371251and Busted joined together to make McBusted. Never had two boy bands ever joined together to form…a new boyband. Since One Direction, boy bands never really had much hope to hit the top charts…and yet Mc Fly and Busted were brave enough to actually fuse their names and create this unexpected collaboration in 2013. Like Pink sauce, you either love ’em or you hate ’em.

3. Eminem and Elton John’s performance at the Grammy Awards in 2001 was indeed something eminem_elton-01272011unexpected. The chorus from “Stan”, originally sung by Dido, was performed by Elton John on his piano. I personally love Eminem because he’s the only rapper I know of with a good diction. However Elton’s sole presence made the act one of the most memorable duets in the Grammy history. They gave the piece more truth and intensity. It was so good and so truly felt, that they had to hug it out in the end.

4. The album Lulu born from an unexpected collaboration between Metallica lou reedand Lou Reed, was not highly acclaimed by their fans (or by the critics…or by music connoisseurs in general). The album doesn’t seem to have a clear musical theme as it doesn’t evoke powerful rock/metal like Metallica’s or an intriguing spoken narrative like Lou Reed’s. Mixed feelings, really. We like to think that the two were best to stay away from each other. But you know what they say, right? You learn from your mistakes.

5. Jack White and Alicia Keys have something in common: voice alicia jackprojection. The first one uses a biting but closed up shout, while the second uses a warm clarinet-like R&B sound (it’s really hard to explain – I just translate what my ears hear). Their voices fit perfectly together for the powerful, bluesy rock mix of “Another Way to Die” for the James Bond movie. I say “bluesy rock” as White’s guitar blends brilliantly into the original James Bond theme. It’s a good song to listen to when you feel like punching someone in the face.

While we are waiting for the ultimate collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Susan Boyle, we hope you enjoyed our choice of five unexpected music collaborations.



Camilla Mazzitelli

Camilla Mazzitelli

Camilla gave up the delicious coffee, predictably pleasant weather and historic architecture of Rome to study for a marketing MSc in York. She’s since moved to Manchester to join the Clowdy team, in a role that combines her interest in social media with a love of music, films and drama.