Watch your language!

When you’re contacting artists or posting up requests for collaboration, your use and style of language is incredibly important, particularly if you are looking for paid work or selling your content. If you don’t come across in the right way to the artists you want to connect with, then it can really effect the growth of your career and size of your professional network. Here are a few tips to really help improve your communication skills.

The importance of good spelling and grammar can’t be overstated. We’re constantly bombarded with information so rarely have time to look at posts properly and so a large amount of our judgements are based on how people present themselves. It’s therefore unfortunately common to see posts like the one on the left on the projects page:


There’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of language, but it’s the wrong time and place to be using it, because it’s not clear and seems very unprofessional. Swearing is also never a good idea, because some will find it offensive and it’s guaranteed to be off putting.

One of the best ways to put everyone off straight away is to be arrogant or derogatory. This example is a bit extreme, but it does illustrate the point:

‘I’m amazing! Working with me would be a brilliant opportunity for you!’

This might be the case but it is really unlikely you will get any responses because it just comes across as arrogant. Allow the artists looking at your work to make up their own mind on how good you are, don’t make assumptions for them.

Make sure you don’t waffle and use the fewest words possible. The projects page is a great example of this because you only get 140 characters, so you’ve got to get to the point. Check out this great example by one of the most successful collaborators on Clowdy, the San Francisco Rapper, Sahjon:

His spelling and punctuation are correct and he clearly expresses who he is and what he’s looking for. Trying to do anything more clever or humorous than this may be tempting, but just won’t be as successful because there’s nothing better than clarity and simplicity. If you want to crack jokes and show your personality, wait until you’ve started connecting with artists!

Hashtags are a really great way of linking to your content in Clowdy. Check out this projects page post by Florida based producer, Ramiche:

When you click on the hashtag it takes you straight to links to tracks from his latest album. Don’t therefore just pick any hashtag, make sure it links to your work and will help artists to find it.

It’s very easy to make any or all of the mistakes listed above, particularly when you’re just starting out, but don’t be put off. Just always think first what kind of post would you be most likely to respond to and base your approach on that and you will most likely be on the right path to becoming a master of collaboration and networking!


Joe Scarffe

Joe Scarffe

Joe is the CMO at Twine.

When he’s not moaning about the state of the music industry or public transport in Manchester, he works with the Twine community and handles social media, the blog and partnerships with companies and institutions.

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