This week’s creative lowdown: 30th January – 5th February

Every week, we bring you our favourite pieces of creative news from around the globe. From making DSLRs less confusing, to the chance to become the next horror icon, here’s our selection.

Activist Shing Yin Khor’s daily illustrations challenge the status quo

Queer, immigrant illustrator Shing Yin Khor’s political artwork has been going viral on social media. She starts every morning making a piece that responds to the political climate and posting it online. She’s also a strong supporter of creative commons licensing. In her own words:

“I am a strong proponent of Creative Commons licensing and release as much of my art as I can for free under a license that allows for non-commercial derivative works… I will continue to do whatever little I can to change the way that people interact with art […] and invite everyone to adapt my art as they see fit.”

Read more at Huffington Post.

If you’re confused by your camera, this tool will save the day

The crème de la crème of cameras, DSLRs can take truly wonderful photos. But with so many settings, they can take a lot of time to get to grips with. Realising this problem, Simon Roberts, a freelance graphic designer and animator, has created a graphic which explains the technical side of photography. And if that’s not enough, he’s also made a handy animated tool where you can put all that theory into practice.

Read more at Visual News.

Illustrator reimagines fairytale homes for the modern age

When you think of fairytale houses, you probably think of quaint homes in the forest or magnificent, high-towered castles. Illustrator Federico Babina decided move away from that and try out a new aesthetic in his illustrations. Rather than simply being part of the story, these new drawings incorporate the story into their form. He explained to Arch Daily: “The idea is to use architecture and its shapes to take part in the relate of stories, transforming the buildings into ‘narrative objects.’”

Snow White, The Princess and the Pea, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty are reimagined in these whimsical architectural illustrations.

Horror icon Clive Barker is giving $300,000 to one aspiring filmmaker (and it could be you!)

The horror legend behind the Hellraiser series and Candyman is lending a hand to the next generation of filmmakers. In a new Project Greenlight contest Reel Fear, Barker is challenging aspiring filmmakers to submit pitches for horror films. The grand prize? A $300,000 budget and a personal mentorship from Barker himself. He explained his thinking to The Hollywood Reporter: “”When I was looking for financing while making Hellraiser, I wish there was a studio like Project Greenlight Digital Studios behind me. Teaming up with Adaptive Studios and Shudder is a wonderful opportunity to support emerging filmmakers in finding the new horror icon. This is also a great chance to scare and entertain audiences at the same time.”

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes, head over to the Project Greenlight on the 17th February and submit your idea.

Illustrator turns big stage productions into awesome caricatures

For the past five years, artist Andy Robinson has been turning London’s theatre shows into illustrations. He started doing this to more accurately remember his own experiences watching a play (and given that he works in a theatre-bar, he watches a lot of plays!) He normally does a few scribbles during the play, before using pencil and the dip pen technique for the final piece. Whilst a typical drawing takes 2 days, there have been some frustrations along the way. He tells What’s On Stage: “When working on a drawing of The Winter’s Tale, it took a week to get something I was happy with. I have half a sketchbook full of horrific attempts at drawing Judi Dench.”

Andy Robinson’s depictions of Wicked, War Horse and Into the Woods.




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