Doom of Damascus

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vocals only come out of one speaker, sorry about that but I liked that take (so professional) Anyways, trying something different ^^ lyrics: Please don't judge me on the colour of my skin, I didn't choose to be born or the fact that I've got more melanin. More men are in line for the business, misogynistic, women are the victims. Come on what is this shit? This is two thousand & risk it. I never let it get the best of me & you will see a better me, just let it be, don't stress it g & count to three. Shit's f****d, we see it everyday, you turn a blind eye & look the other way. Keyboard warrior, facebook feeds, got a lot to say, but don't get past the keys. Twitter trending whiles't the whole world's ending Doom of damascus, world impending. My man at the top just 'cause you f****d a pig don't make you a cop. & what, & what.. just 'cause you f****d a pig don't make you a cop. Who are you to judge me, coming at me like I'm every lightie, but I've got goals I got dreams There's roles that I want to succeed.*ii #audio #Bars #Uk #London #Life #World #Politics #feminism #Bars #Equal #Rights #Female

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