Bourbon Blues Ensemble
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León, Centro, Mexico
Last online: 10 months ago

Blues with a twist made in Mexico.


Lanch: Vocals, Guitar, banjo, Drums programming.
Alessandro Bergamo: Bass, backing vocals.
Fernz: Guitar, banjo, cigarbox guitar, backing vocals.
Jonathan Stephens: Piano, keyboards and harmonica.

Bourbon blues ensemble is a blues band from Leon, Mexico.
The ensemble started in 2014 when singer/songwriter Lanch
Invites to guitarist Fernz and bassist Alessandro Bergamo to record a song with bluesy feeling.
As soon as they finished the 1st song they realized that “the time was just right to create blues sounds.”
The band was soon joined by Pianist Jonathan Stephens, who spiced
up the mix with his powerful and classic style playing, they started to try new instruments like cigar box guitar and harmonica, to simplify the composition the drums are programmed.
The sound of the ensemble is inspired by blues musicians since Robert Johnson, Buddy Guy, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton to John Mayer.

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