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Los Angeles, United States
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Hi! My name is Mike and I have over 15 years experience as a professional composer, producer, audio engineer & musician based in Los Angeles, CA.

My music production company, Pawnshop Creative Labs, creates original music and songs for soundtracks, commercials & video games. We also offer music production services to artists and bands such as recording, mixing, mastering & VO demos. Rates are listed below.

Some of my music scoring clients include Chrysler, Panasonic, Ford, The Olympics, SONY, Starz Network, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, A&E and MTV.

My band, Love Darling, and several other projects I have produced have also collectively had more than 18 songs placed in commercials and TV show soundtracks such as Smallville(WB/CW), One Tree Hill(WB/CW), Dirt(FX), Windfall(NBC) & Showtime’s “The Real L Word”, including the show’s theme song.

So if you are a solo artist, singer/songwriter, band or voice over artist in need of a producer/studio to help create professional quality songs or demos, contact me now to discuss your project!

To check out some of the projects I have produced, listen to my music production compilation reel here:


And to hear some original music scoring excerpts go to this link:

And if you are looking for music to license for your project, check out the PCL library here: https://www.twine.fm/signin

PCL Services include:

  • Recording, Mixing, Arranging, Programming, Mastering
  • Artist/Band Songs & Demos
  • Voice Over Demos
  • Sound Design
  • Original Music for TV, Film, Commercials, and Video Games

Music Production RATES:

Hourly Rate: $55/hour ($45/hour for 3 or more songs)

Individual Service rates:

Mixing: $350 per song
Mastering: $70 per song
Programming Drums: $250 per song
Remixing: $450 per song

Rates for full song production (recording, arranging, programming, mixing & mastering):

Flat rate per song: $750 (limit 18 hours / 6 hours per day)

50% deposit required for projects under $1000. For projects over $1000 one-third of total cost deposit required.

Special Package Deals for Independent Artists:
3-song demo - $2100 (Savings of $150)
4-song demo - $2700 (Savings of $300)
5-song demo - $3250 (Savings of $500)

All package rates include arranging/programming, recording, mixing, mastering, stereo WAV & MP3 master files, session audio stem files

Songwriting collaboration available for an additional $100 per song and an appropriate percentage of writers share.

All sessions must be booked in advance. Min 48 hours notice

Voice Over AUDITIONS Hourly rate:

$35 per hour (includes record, edit, mix & master)


1 x :60 Full Demo w/music (includes segments of 3 - 5 spots) - $550 each :60 demo*** Includes Record, Editing, Backing Music, Mixing & Mastering

Demo Categories: Commercial // Promo // Narration // Gaming & Animation

***Client has pre-selected and rehearsed copy for all segments


1 x :60 Full Demo w/music (includes segments of 3 - 5 spots) - $800 each :60 demo. Includes Vocal Coach during session, Record, Editing, Backing Music, Mixing & Mastering

Demo Categories: Commercial // Promo

Contact me about your project today!

Mike - https://www.twine.fm/signin