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Ultimately though, a refined "gothic" bloodline concept stems from a different concept of creation. The well-worn Judeo-Christian concept is that Yahweh breathed life into the first man, and therefore humanity shares a mysterious link with the divine life force, spirit or soul. In the New Testament this is developed further into the notion that certain chosen ones may become the "children of God" in an allegorical sense. The Germanic tradition takes this to another level by stating that it is not merely our Soul that is god-derived, but our flesh itself. That humanity is ultimately the offspring of the gods. Underlying the fantastic tales of heroic dragon-slayers and supernatural "sons of the mist" (German, Nibelungen), is the notion that the olden gods were reborn through their descendants, much like the Yule-tide practice that children were given gifts because they were seen as the ancestors reborn. http://groupspaces.com/thelostwaysreview2/pages/the-lost-ways-book-review-free-download-pdf Human DNA was thought to contain the mold that contained the form of the gods. The treasure that went with the divine descendants has been lost and must be re-won, much like Odin must re-win the poetic mead of inspiration that was his to begin with. The process of becoming and realizing that divine-mold-pattern within us is the grail that drives heroes forward on their quest to become who they already are at a genetic level. Published by the Population Fund of the United Nations the report on State of World Population. 6,000,000,000 humans who, eat, drink, sleep, use public services, spend, reproduce, exchange, transport and finally, struggle all the time and everyday to survive adversity and live sixty six years on an average that lasts their fleeting existence.

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