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In the process of making music, producing an instrumental, putting lyrics together, creating melodies and harmonic arrangements, I have been able to connect with myself, my emotions, thoughts and put those connections into my art.

When I first started out at this, I was struggling to create ‘THAT SOUND’ that I thought I needed to create. That sound wasn’t MY Sound. I would spend hours trying to mimic the sounds of my favourite artists and producers and in the process of doing so, I picked up some great skills but I never really paid attention to what I was able to do for myself without needing to mimic anybody else.

The key to this music game is to be original and stay true to yourself. If I were to have followed a trend and mimic something that already existed, what was I really creating? False art? Did I really want to be perceived as being an imitation of somebody else who is already out there doing their thing? No.

My portfolio displays an array of genres that I experiment with and I’m looking to work with as much talent as I can to produce some incredible music!

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