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Want to learn simple, yet game-changing, ways to set your day up for total success? Here, Vishen Lakhiani shows you how he’s hacked his morning routine to keep him functioning at peak levels. Learn more with Extraordinary by Design: Many of you have asked me what my morning routine looks like and how I'm able to fit meditation, exercise, and a good nutritional breakfast in my mornings (while still having time to get the kids dressed and sent to school). A lot of people tend to overlook just how important it is to get yourself mentally, physically and spiritually prepared before you start your day. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to take a crazy amount of time. So here's what I share in this video: — Having trained around 3 million people on meditation, I reveal the most optimized meditation technique I know. You can try out the 6 Phase Meditation here: — The three different fitness protocols I use to fire up my energy levels. (These exercises are based on the minimum effective dose principle, and only need 4-7 minutes to complete.) — Why I categorize my breakfast as either "for ritual" or "for fuel,” and how I supercharge my body with the nutrition to keep me functioning at peak performance throughout the day. Check out the video and let me know what your morning routine looks like in the comments below. IMPORTANT TIMESTAMPS: 00:33 6 Phase Meditation 01:26 Go on exercise 02:00 1.Total Transformation 02:13 2.Kettlebells 02:30 3.Tabata 03:51 Breakfast 06:57 Vishen’s Non-traditional morning routine recap If you’d like to learn more about the Wildfit program I mentioned, you can check out Vishen Lakhiani’s Wildfit Transformation And Key Lessons ( Also, to learn more about how to reshape your mind and body in just minutes a day, watch this video here: #video

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