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Tipton, United States
Last online: 2 years ago

Soloflight is an accumulation of events that took place over the past 50 years. It became obvious to me that the idea of thinking outside of the box has become far less effective as a competitive edge simply because everyone is doing it. Besides, it sounds like being in jail and wishing you were home.
I had to escape the confines of 4 walls, a floor and lid suggested by the term 'Box". At first it seemed a bit scary to ‘leave’ the familiar Nest, never-the-less, it had to be done.
Therefore, Soloflight clothed itself in Courage, climbed out of the 'Box" and stepped away from ‘Status Quo’ in search of new and unique treasures previously denied by the Confines of " The Box ." The treasure of ‘True Free Thinking.’

It was not long before I unearthed the treasure and, much like a puzzle, the pieces of my past experiences started coming together, revealing my manifest destiny.

Revealing Truth.

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