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Presenting David SweetLow, an English songwriter and producer.

“David SweetLow” has worked with and been involved with the following artists:

A band from the UK. Tonight had two hit records in the late 70’s and 80’s “Drummer Man” and“Money" (That’s Your Problem) Together these records sold over 250,000 copies in the UK and Europe.
“Tonight" appeared on the legendary BBC TV music show “Top Of The Pops” 3 times.

Gary Langan. co-founder of ZZT Records with Trevor Horn, Paul Morley and Jill Sinclair. Also founder of the band “Art Of Noise”
Producer for the band “Yen” of which David SweetLow was the songwriter and guitarist.

Gary Numan. World famous singer songwriter, musician and record producer.
David toured with Gary Numan with his band “Yen” Gary Numan and David also worked together as writers and producers.

Cliff Richard. British pop singer, actor.
David co-wrote the song "Clear Blue Skies” on the Stronger album for this iconic English singer. David received a platinum album for his work on this album.

Alan Tarney. English record producer and songwriter.
Alan Tarney produced an album for the band “Yen” of which David SweetLow was the songwriter, guitarist and co-producer.

Bob Clearmountain. American music producer, mixer and engineer.
Bob Clearmountain re-mixed the song “Crocodile Tears” featured on “Yen" album “Air”.

Jordi Cubino. Spanish composer and producer. Jordi Cubino has recently produced the promotion song “Stand By Me” performed by the British group “Fiver” for the Japanese super-production film Doraemon.
David SweetLow worked with this prolific and successful Spanish writer and producer for two years. During this period they sold over 2 million copies of their song “Happy World” in over 22 countries.

David SweetLow has appeared on many TV shows around the world in his career including “Top Of The Pops” in the UK.
He and his band “Tonight” were recently featured in a 30 minute BBC documentary called “Inside Out”

David SweetLow is now a mature musician who demonstrates a great sensibility in his music.
His music cannot be ignored as his talent to invoke deep emotion in his listeners is obvious.

-His current songs are a wonderful mix of Folk, Americana and Celtic melancholy.

David SweetLow (formally David Cook) is from the UK but is now living in Sapporo, Japan.

His music has been played on the STV radio in Hokkiado as well as some other local radio stations.

He also performs his songs live and has already played at several venues in Sapporo and has received a great response to his music.

David SweetLow writes and produces all his own work. He also works with musicians from both the UK and the USA on his productions.

He is currently interested in getting his music published here in Japan and would be delighted if you could take the time to listen to his work.

His music is currently contract free in Japan.

David SweetLow is a professional musician and has had a long career both in the UK and Europe. He has had record contracts with Warner Bros, Polydor Records, IRS records among others.

My name is Emi Asada and I represent in Japan this amazing singer, songwriter and producer.

Please contact me at the email address below and I’ll be happy to send either a CD or an MP3 via email of this amazing artist’s music.

English contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin
Japanese contact: https://www.twine.fm/signin