Angus Robertson
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Keremeos, Canada
Last online: 2 years ago
CONTACT : E-mail - - Website - Angus Robertson was born in Canada and is distributing his 3 new album releases world wide . Angus will be adding several more albums to the list of releases in the very near future for 2015 and 2016 . There will be several styles to choose from as well as an array of beautifully structured instrumental albums . Angus loves composing and producing music for millions of people worldwide for many nationalities . Angus is an active member of G.I.S.C. which is an international federation where songwriters can copyright and register their music works and lyrics as well . G.I.S.C. is based in the United Kingdom in England . The Music Producers Guild where Angus also is a member , is an organization in the U.K. that plays a substantial role in the successes of composers and songwriters as well as music producers . The Music Producers Guild is an extremely valuable tool for contacts throughout the music industry globally .

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