Clockwork II Digitales (disquiet0297)

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Shared online for the first time for Disquiet Junto Project 0297: Domestic Chorus Make music from all the alarms, buzzer, and other alerts in your home. I am bringing form my vaults an old track I recorded for a suite called “clockworks” (publisher's call) where I recorded and sampled as many clocks and metronomes as I could find at home, travelling around, at my parents house, at friend’s places, etc Then I put together 3 tracks with metronomes and analogue “mechanical” alarm clocks, digital alarm clocks and carillons The first track from that triptych was shared with you on junto This is the digital one, Maelzel metronomes and digital alarms all over the place, on top of it I play a melody on a keyboard using one of the clock’s samples. More on this 297th weekly Disquiet Junto project — Domestic Chorus: Make music from all the alarms, buzzers, and other alerts in your home — at: @disquiet #audio #experimental #clock #metronome #digital #casio #alarm #despertadores #Maelzel # #reveil #noise #disquiet #junto

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