The Sonic Handshake Radio Show 023 featuring guest mix from Kieran Holden

Published by Dax AKA The Sonic Handshake

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This month i’m happy to say i’m joined by Kieran Holden,regular record fiddler for the Upstairs Downstairs Collective in Cornwall and with releases and remixes coming soon on Tici Taci, Alfresco Disco, Blindtonation and Rotten City Records.i'm very happy Kieran could find the time to do the show a guest can find more of Kieran’s stuff here The Sonic Handshake DJ Tennis featuring Pillowtalk - The Outcast Zero 7 - Red,Blue & Green (dub mix) Benoit & Sergio - Your Darkness Coma - Atlantis Egyptian Nipples - Botle Of Mine (Jay Shepheard remix) Brioski featuring Andrea Noce - Sunday Morning The Crystal Ark - Rain (xxxtended mix) Faze Action - Prisoner Of Your Love Jeremy Deller - Vodoo Ray The Gemini Bros - Jocko (DJ Rocca Erodiscomix) Major Problems - Overdose (Alkalino edit) Kieran Holden Mutado Pintado - I Kill What I Eat (Pleasant Vitaliity) Auntie Flo - Daabi (Auotonomous Africa) Timothy J Fairplay - Somewhere In The City (Astrolab) También - Sexalitat (Public Posession) Manfredas - Square Lights Zongamin Remix Take 2 (LdDlM) Decius - Come To Me Villa (More About Music) Richard Sen - Songs Of Pressure (Emotional Especial) Mehmet Aslan - Raptiye Rap (Highlife) Unknown Artist - I'll Acid U Vox Mix (?) Audion - Dan Avery Mix (Ghostly International) Mario Basanov - Bill (Need Want) Black Light Smoke - Screws In My Head (Scissor & Thread) #audio #Electronic #TheSonicHandshake #KieranHolden #DJTennis #Zero7 #BenoitSergio #EgyptianNipples #TheCrystalArk #JeremyDeller #Brioski #FazeAction #TheGeminiBros #DJRocca #Alkalino #MajorProblems #Coma #MutadoPintado #AuntieFlo #TimothyJFairplay #También #Manfredas #Decius #RichardSen #MehmetAslan #Audion #MarioBasanov #BlackLightSmoke #Nudisco #Acid #House

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