Mário Rodrigues (DROID)
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► BIOGRAPHY Always with a futuristic, innovative and unique approach that through experimentation led him to create a original sound ranging from very shady environments to breathtaking tracks in order to make the dancefloor a place full of energy. Their live sets are always dinamic and intense, he is a pro performer who knows how to rock the crowd with groovy, ambiental and rolling bass Techno sound. First contact with DJing was in 1997 and five years after decided to dedicate life to music production releasing inumerous tracks under different pseudonyms: DROID, TaXidermY, Droidbeatz, Droidpanik and Poizon. With their musical projects he played in countries such as: Germany, South Africa, Spain, England, Finland, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Netherlands... He shared the stage with some great artists around the globe like: PETDuo, Svetec,Viper XXL, Scott Kemix, No Dolls, Fatima Hajji, Hardtrax, Jackhamma, Leo Laker, Greg Nottil, Jan Fleck, Fernanda Martins, Slugos, Mike Drama, Axel Karakasis, Daniela Haverbeck, Candy Cox, and many more. Supported by: Patrick DSP, PETDuo, Mike Humphries, AnGy KoRe, Joseph Capriati, Yari Greco, 2Loud, Energun, Mik Izif, Mike Drama, Osclighter, Rach, Andre Frauenstein, SubSight, Dolby D and more. Collaborations with: Mike Humphries, Mik Izif, Dolby D, Rach, Mid Wooder, Alex Jockey, Noizbar, Persohna, Osclighter, Motormorfoses, DJ Hammond, Orifice aka Scott Kemix, Tato, X-Pose, Killernoizes, Ferenc Bucsayi, Code 000, Nick Grater, Andre Frauenstein, Koschka, SubSight, Saimon, Lasawers. ►BOOKING | INFO: BULLET BOOKINGS Head Management: Raquel Caballero Mobile: (+571) 3138036174 e-mail: info@bulletcircuit.com Side Projects: * TAXIDERMY * POIZON
      uniE603 DROID @ Hard Force United And Friends (Summer Session 2016)
      uniE603 DROID @ Electronica En Rock Al Parque 2016 | Invita RE.SET | - Redbull Stage
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      uniE603 DROID @ Unite People: The Rave