To Love What's Lost

Published by eNVy

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Instrumental Produced By KDN Beats. I'm upset We love less We talk less but we fight more Like what's up next I really couldn't give a fuck less Of what is now Release all my words but she not in crowd she puffin the loud I'm making the sound who's helping me now Except for the brim The cup keeps refilling My mind just keeps spilling my spine makes a line when I try to envision But really reality has all the millions That I'ma be makin Me knuckles are breaking My smiles are faking And people relating somehow These people relating some how What to do when you lost your groove And you lost your view Even lost your crew Makes no sense When She passin through You look at me and I look at you Like What to do When it all has crumbled We climbed the hill and down we've tumbled Stay so humble Love is subtle But you gotta step out of the bubble Then you stumble Down to the ground And the thoughts in Ya head are all runnin around And she makin the sound and I'm makin the move If we are both winners then how could we lose? If we are both sinners then what's there to do When it blows up She don't show up Like so what Well I go nuts It's so fucked When you hold up And realize that there's no love There's No one Start right off of square one Put myself back at that snare drum No falling off no cares um My apologies if I scare some Shits so dumb Got no one Looking for the handle To hold one Wanna hand and a jam To show them But they don't like ones that are so glum It's no fun I used to be what I used to be Hate to break it ain't news to me She's using me I'm losing the Element they describe as sanity The humanity No standing me Gotta sit down when I stand to see None of this seems fair to me But you get what you give apparently Is blasphemy This tragedy You don't have to be You had to be She passin me An im actin d He laughs at me But she's mad at me So fuck it We so cold blooded She cry a couple tears out her fears in a bucket I'm screaming so loudly and mad but she love it If all of this wasn't then tell me what was it I'm gone #audio #eNVy #2015 #single

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