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Bissen, Luxembourg
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Wether you are a loser or winner, I paint you freely. Nevertheless I use uncommon words for title, such as rampage, amok, WW3 megastar, or else. You only send to me your profile photo or selfie, I’m gonna insert you in a qualitative background with several objects inserted, to bring on the most deadly rampage portrait there ever was.

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    uniE621 kill shot, deadly rampage, knowing each other quite well
    uniE621 My hipflask is on top of the world, baby!
    uniE621 All my managers snipe vodka bottles of office clerks
    uniE621 Deadliest DoubleMint in history of chewing gum: slugs
    uniE621 Cocktail Tequila Sunrise for everyone now at late night
    uniE621 Business Pinocchio buys submachine gun at the black market for cheap money and likes it
    uniE621 Cult drug dealer breaks the ice by massive flower power at gunpoint-bullet time