Happy Warrior (Original Mix) - Eric Shans & Jay Hill

Published by Eric Shans

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The latest creation from Jay Hill and me, "Happy Warrior" "Happy Warrior" is the second collaboration project of Jay Hill and Eric Shans. As of late, the duo has begun to develop a strong reputation for championing their own unique blend of deep house-not-deep-house, techno-not-techno music. This piece is a rare culmination that evolved over several months - starting with the duo passing back and forth a series of sounds and musical riffs along with experimenting with things like middle eastern percussion hits and vocals. It all evolved and ended up as a sophisticated sonic exploration that only artists like Jay and Eric could execute beautifully in union. Muti-dimensional, original, and at the same time danceable, "Happy Warrior" is a truly symbiotic exercise in two minds coming together to create something magical. The result is mystical, spacey clutch of deep house and techno crossover - blessed with delightfully loose drums, undulating chords, middle eastern percussions, intriguing vocal bits, and contagious rhythms that graciously invite multiple listens without being too insinuating. While there are actual lyrics to the track, it is clear the vocalizations are used primarily as expressive, warm layers of sound. The finished product is hard to resist, avoiding the trap of being too shallow and catchy, and has a lasting allure. Eric and Jay are on the frontier of new and exciting musical creations. #audio #techno #house #club #dance #melodic #Groovy #tech #house #deep #house #eric #shans #jay #hill #3bridge #Records #original

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