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Other times, the presence of the infection may be noticed due to the existence of a large bulla that has a thin wall covering a yellow fluid in it. The bulla often bursts and releases the yellow fluid which was contained in it leaving behind a ring like shaped bulla on the skin. A local pediatrician may be in a position to diagnose the infection and determine what type it is and provide the child with proper medication. Here, proper hygiene is also supposed to be maintained for the child to avoid this skin infection spreading. Folloculitis is a skin condition also grouped among the bacterial skin infections. It occurs as a result of hair follicles being inflamed by either physical injury, chemical irritation or other types of infection. It causes a soft pustule, which is somehow painless to occur on the skin and after a given period, it heals itself and disappears completely from the skin. Most of the time a hair shaft will be noticed to be appearing in the central point of the pustule while lesions would appear on any skin surface having hair on it. http://www.potentmuscles.com/blackhead-killer

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