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Rosario, Argentina
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I am Eugenia Marasciuolo from Argentina.
With a degree in advertising and still a studing arts I think that the most important thing of the two careers is the attitude of curiosity, interest and search that grow in my mind. More and more, all the time, I´m looking for artists, photographers, designers, creatives, illustrators, schools, teachers, architectural designs, countries, cultures, websites, blogs, magazines, movies, music, etc.
Everything I think that can be interesting, I see, hear, touch and feel it.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to traveled to Barcelona for a course in Art Direction. There I received lots of inputs that until few months latter I continued processing it. I’m really happy with the experience in this city full of culture where you can breathe inspiration everywhere. But the most amezing thing was the people I met.
In 2016, I was in New Zealand and the same. My cutest memory is the people that I knew there. I was invited to learn more about customs, perspectives, ways of thinking and lifestyles. Allowing me to grow as people in this beautiful, huge and human world.

Be able to live these two trips in this last time makes me reinforce the idea that the most important things in life are the relationships between people. Working as a team things go better, pulling all to the same side, and give the best so the other partner take it and do the same with the others opens the possibility of incredible work, where the heart of each one of the participants can be reflected in a single piece.

Where I want to be in the next few years?
Doing things like this… https://www.twine.fm/signin . Not only because I like FooFighter, but by the attitude of these people working on realize a dream. The action is extremely inspiring to me.
Showing that enthusiasm beat skills.

I hope that over the years this vice becomes increasingly big and allows me to experience with much more things…

I attached my CV Online https://www.twine.fm/signin

Thank you x your time!
Have a good day!

Eugenia M.
“There is nothing against a dream”

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