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Merry Christmas, everyone! My pastor asked me to sing a song with my guitar at our church's Christmas program on Sunday evening, December 18, 2016. He said he wanted me to "do it the way Cody-Corey would do it." Cody-Corey is a nickname he mistakenly gave me when he corrected himself while addressing me once. Anyway, I think many Christmas songs have been far overdone to the point of cliché, so I talked to the Lord Jesus about how to progress through the task of composing something new that would be from my heart as well as from His. I remembered seeing bumper stickers and posters that say "Wise Men Still Seek Him", and two scriptures aside from the account of the magi in Matthew chapter 2 came to my mind that seemed to relate to this subject. This is the heart of God: He came into the earth to reconcile people to Himself, but the religious mentality concerning this beautiful phenomenon reduces reconciliation and relationship to focusing on whether or not we are good enough, all the while alienating ourselves from the One who extended Himself into this realm for the very purpose of restoring relationship. It is so much deeper than just a choice between heaven and hell. It is far greater than whether or not our names are discovered at a final roll call. John said in chapter 1, "We beheld His glory," and "He made a dwellingplace among us." Let us draw near to Him; that is why He came by the flesh and now by the Spirit. Offering ourselves fully to Him will far outshine any other gifts or treasures we could ever acquire in this fallen world. Let's all discover what it means to truly love God! Lord Jesus, show us what it means to genuinely love You. Let us ever behold Your glory. Back to the music, I enlisted some friends of mine to help me perform this composition fully live on the date listed above--then they all dropped out on me because of other obligations that became more important. Oh well-- but the recording you hear on this page was all done by myself in my own home studio. The "wise men" and "we beheld His glory" parts were melodies I had in my mind before ever sitting down in my studio to write out this song. The rest of the lyrics came from doing a bit of prayer and studying concerning the reference scriptures (John 1:14, Matthew 2:11, and Romans 12:1). This is the first step toward an album I want to call PUTTING "HOLY" BACK IN THE HOLIDAY. For years I've had the idea to do this, but, like many other things, it takes time, of which I seem to have far too little. Perhaps someday I will reach that goal. Lord Jesus, grant it to me. Here are musical details concerning the composition: * 120 BPM * * Keys: * "...Wise Men..." theme and chorus is in G minor (Aeolian), "Jesus, Jesus..." part uses a combination of E Locrian and A Locrian, "We beheld His glory" uses D minor (Aeolian), "From the Father's heart..." uses what I call a "blues scale" which mixes C Dorian and Mixolydian, "...Distant land..." gallop sticks

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