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WHAT DO ANGELS DREAM? Lyrics by Brian Williams (editted by Corey Finney) What do angels dream While lying in their hospital beds? Do they chase butterflies Or laugh at the silly monkeys at the zoo? Hanna, Oh Hanna... I should have been there Holding your tiny little hand, Instead of fighting for freedom In someone else's land, But a man has to do What he has to do, If he dares to stand tall, Raising his hand. My little girl, you looked so helpless, But you smiled through all your pain. I wish I could have held you close And made it all go away. Hanna, Oh Hanna... It hurt me to see you that way; I was so very far away. It's hard enough to be a soldier, But it's harder to be a part-time father. They only gave you a few months; It seemed so unfair to me, But then they showed optimism With new treatments to try on you. Hanna, Oh Hanna... I hoped I was just dreaming, And that you were still at home. I bet Butterscotch misses you, And all your friends from school. Just hang in there, baby; I'm almost home! I was on my way to see you When my phone began to ring. It was the last call I could ever imagine: My Hanna, my baby! You had passed away. I guess your pain was too great. I tried, but I was just too late. Your fight for life was over, And your suffering was no more, But I was only a half block away. What do angels dream While lying in their hospital beds? #audio #Exalted #Dirt #powermetal #power #metal #sad #death #rock #progressiverock #progressive #hospital #military #ballad #powerballad

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