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Aditya Yandhivi

Knowing DJ tools since elementary school on 2006 , with his brother they make school of Dj-ing (CASANOVA)on 2012 , it has its on characteristic in eac...


Event Organizer & Management Talent : ARTIST - DJ - MODEL - LIVE PA - BAND - DANCER - PR - USHER - SPG - MC/HOST/PRESENTER. Contact us : 08969740...

Z.A And Garage cat

This is my personal project contact email : zasetiawans@gmail.com phone : +628567108033


CIpto Junaeady bersama Gramedia Pustaka Utama & Jawa Pos pada tanggal 7 Juni 2010 memberikan Tali Kasih berupa 1 unit rumah kepada janda mendiang ...


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