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My name is Cody Jewell, and I live in the Seattle area with my family. We love to spend our time exploring and discovering all types of interesting things to do, from family fun and entertainment to camping and local events. As a new husband, father, and college graduate, I have cultivated a great passion for the outdoors and am always looking for new ways to stretch our budget and spend more time together. I look forward to teaching our daughter important skills which may one day be vital to her survival and will teach her to respect the natural resources available on our planet. As a new graduate who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Visual Communication, I am able to perform well in any environment and enjoy taking on new challenges. I also have 4 years of freelancing experience in this field, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and a highly diversified portfolio.

This band is something of a throwback. A power trio in the tradition of the Jimi Hendrix Experience or Cream making modern rock music that is at once controlled and ferocious. It's not normal, but it feels familiar. As Seattle's The Stranger put it, "Since their first effort way back in the early aughts they’ve been unable to write anything but drum and guitar driven, proggy rock songs, whose anachronistic feel is easily forgotten because they’re just so fun to listen to." [1] Cracker Factory releases their fourth studio album "Chasing Ghosts" in June, 2015, which they describe as their most nuanced and controlled effort -- the result, while retaining their adventurous musicianship, is their most accessible. The album has multiple guest artists that contributed their talents: Andrew Vait (Sisters), Tim Snider, Steve Scalfati ("The Late Late Show"), Dan Schmidt (Mts & Tunnels), Ayesha "MusicBox" Brooks and more. From the opening riffs of "Don't Drink the Water," to the rootsy political "Mean Ol' Uncle Sam" to the anthem "Heaven for Free," this is a broad and confident exposition that shows off a band in their prime. The trio will be touring around the Northwest in support of the album release, and produced a music video for "Heaven for Free." RL Heyer, Shane Smith and Denali Williams first played together in Cheney, WA in 1998. They took their name from "The Simpsons" (Milhouse's dad worked at the Cracker Factory), and released their first album, "Deep Fried Basket of Love," in 2003. "Mouth Breather" followed in 2007, "A sweaty, rusty album completely devoid of pop sheen (save for some ingenious hooks)" (The Stranger), which delivered "I Know Two Notes," a declaration of style and substance. "I Know Two Notes" went on to become the band's best-selling track, with Dennis Cook from the Dirty Impound saying, "From simple things great things sometimes emerge. This ditty from Seattle’s Cracker Factory is like a zen mantra from a sensei that loves Anvil and The Stooges." [2] In collaboration with animator Andrew Woods the band released a music video for "I Know Two Notes." [3] Internet personality Mr. Weebl shared the video and to date the video has has over 17,000 views and over 850 Likes. Fans said, "And why precisely is this not viral? This song is amazing!" In 2013 the band released "No One Knows We're Here." The album was their most successful project to date and one that clearly showed the musical growth that comes from playing countless shows in Cracker Factory and a broad constellation of other bands like Flowmotion, True Spokes, Thomas Mapfumo, Uncle Pooch and many more. Despite all the musical chairs -- or maybe because of them -- the trio has stuck together for nearly two decades, always coming home to the Factory. And the recipe is still working. The band was profiled on the TV show "Band in Seattle" in 2014 [4], and is booked for several high-profile festivals in summer 2015. All of this leads up to this moment in time. Cracker Factory is three veteran musicians of high caliber releasing their strongest album yet; warrior poets of that sacred place we call the stage. Now if you will please excuse them, it is time to rock.

Soundmind Artists is an instrumental record label owned and operated by Nickels Hawkeye, a producer and recording artist from the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for listening and telling your friends about this music!

Hello my name is Ken Strickland, I am an amateur artist and graphic designer ,and am currently in school for my bachelor's at Art Institute of Seattle. I am a freelance designer capable of creating logos,patterns, branding, album cover art, magazine layouts, and image manipulation. Please check out my work on instagram :outworldart, and if you are intrested please dont hesitate to contact me here or at: k.strick@hotmail.com

Solo DJ and Producer from San Francisco. Currently in Seattle, WA for freelance recording and producing. Live sound reinforcement for small shows as well as lighting capabilities. Contact Lone Human for recordings and beat production and event coordination at djdarkusevents@gmail.com www.djdarkus.com

Hey, this is long. So read up. Follow me on twitter for updates. Message me for ... updates. I HAVE SKYPE NOW! kitskull is probably my Skype. Follow me for exclusive stuff. ==INFO== All my music is free to download. I sometimes post limited time only stuff, like bass samples or #Nightcore. ALL MUSIC MAY NOW BE REMIXED BY YOU! Please, remix my music! Message or email me and I will email you the folder of samples. For remixing, email kitskulldubstep@gmail.com. ==SUPPORTING ARTISTS== @Savikmusic @Anokka @blue-fire-nation @Jo2go-1 @DJ-Exavior @officialjdubmusic @markfinoofficial ==SUBMISSIONS== Promotions: kitskulldubstep@gmail.com Cover Art submissions: kitskulldubstep@gmail.com OR Tweet to @kitskull and #KitskullCoverArt ==ABOUT== 16 year old #producer. I make #dubstep in Maschine 2. I use the Komplete set of VSTs plus Drop Squad. I use #Ableton Live 9. I HAVE #Fl Studio... You can find all my old music here: @kitskull-old ==DETAILS and HISTORY== #Dubstep and music in general is very important to me. I feel like I am a part of it, and it is a part of me. I started music production in late 2011 using GarageBand... yep... and slowly worked my way up to forgetting about GarageBand and started using Darkwave Studio (experimentalscene.com). It's a free DAW that has no subs or any bass at all but can pass for some cool 8-bit stuff. There's ONE instrument and ONE drum set. However, I created all my first songs using it, and it's also what I used to create the soundtrack for a small private app I made in Digipen, Institute of Technology (it's NOT on the app store). Anyway, after I discovered Darkwave Sh*tio I discovered Ableton Live 8. My father had it on his laptop and had made two songs: Cats and The Cube. Neither can be found today as that laptop was killed by the battery failing... However, I remember the notes and maybe I can remake it. Well, I played around on it, and played with the pads and drums and I was really impressed. I bought it for myself (Live 9 Suite) and stuck it on my laptop and created my first song: soundcloud.com/kitskull-old/absorb That was a good day! I was so exited: My first real song was out. Later I wrote all these bad 1-hour songs (MADE in one hour. Not one hour long!) and posted them one per day. BAD IDEA. Makes you look really desperate. Anyway, these songs got old and so my dad decided to go all out and spend a snot ton on the following: #Komplete 9 #Maschine Stuido 2.0 + Hardware #Live 9 Suite + Push A #Roland V TD-11 drum set for me #Drop #Squad #Spark #Prism #Reaktor #FM8 I was like, "Dad, what..." but I learned to just let him do the awesome stuff he does. A little bit before Christmas of 2014, I sat down, opened up Massive, and found the Zombies preset. I was dumbfounded that we had such a crazy wobble and I played with it for a bit. I got bored and opened up Maschine. Never used it before. I LOVE it. Maschine is my DOC (DAW of choice). There are some features in Ableton that it lacks (like curved envelopes), but it's so awesome that I can't NOT use it. Today I make music using Maschine and Ableton and all that, happily, and I hope to do this for the rest of my life.

Pacific Northwest based producer/DJ focused primarily on bass/future house. Proud Ableton user and lover of all things hardware. Bookings: krspshmusic@gmail.com

From the early ages of 7th grade, Brandon Jennings has been producing electronic music. Currently now running as an 18-year-old college student, Brandon see's a future in the art and intends to pursue it through his education. Previously known as "Serek" from his Freshman year of high school (2010) through half way of his Junior year (2013), Brandon abandoned the name after the 3 years of production and went under the new name of "Zvezda" in early 2014. The name, meaning "Star" in Slavic, was suggested to him by one of his close friends, Collin Rhodes, while at a church youth event. The name rang a bell, and stuck. Brandon currently is a 100% independent artist, putting forth his creativity to produce all his own music, videos, album art, and merchandise. "I don't see the point of the art if you only do half of it, that doesn't make it your creation. That's what I try and avoid." To this day, Brandon is producing upbeat electronic dance music (EDM), as well as following his other passions of Photography, Cinematography and Digital Art.

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