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Xai comes fresh out of Melbourne city, Australia. A creative artist, best known in the Melbourne urban scene for her unique and extreme dance and performance style, now brings to you her creative abilities in musical composition and lyricism. A blend of all the women in pop today, Xai's style is a hybrid blend of 808's, crunk, grunge, Beyonce and sci-fi. Her most recent projects have seen her collaborate with some of music's biggest producers and engineers, bringing you her debut single, Write It On A Wall, available now on iTunes.

I have been recording and writing my own songs since the late 1980's, starting with a Tascam 4-Track cassette deck, then later moving on to computer recording set-ups! I use keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, stringed instruments, percussion instruments and anything I can lay my hands on!

Vinz From France, to NZ Aotearoa to OZtralia = VinNioZ ! French beatmaker, turntablist, guitar player, juggler, traveller and so much more.. Electronic music is a long journey Contact: vinzfro@gmail.com

19 y/o aspiring Musician/Producer E-mail me at Bussell@live.com.au for any business/beat inquiries! Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/b-two-970617903 Instragram: @Joshuabussell

Melbourne based Malphemist (Brendan Armstrong) is not your classic composer. He was not brought up in a musical household. There were no treasure troves of amazing vinyls to explore. Bryan Adams was considered the pinnacle of artistry. No really. Yeah I'm sorry too. *Ahem* He started life as a professional computer nerd, developing software for the automation of audio/visual systems for establishments such as the Arts Centre and Melbourne Museum. After a decade of that (along with a few detours into the realms massage therapy, architecture, event management, entheogenics and pornography) he decided the only option left was to take his hobby of DJing to the next logical step of music production. Despite a year of training at the Australian Institute of Music, he has so far proven incapable of playing an instrument, singing in tune or even distinguishing between a major and a minor chord. Sheet music brings on a cold sweat. Never one to let a complete lack of talent stand in his way, he found refuge from the tyranny of tonality in the worlds of electronic music and sound composition. Freed from the pesky inconveniences of physical instruments, notation and human performers he crafts dark, experimental soundscapes and underground electronic dance music (don't call it EDM unless you fancy a lengthy rant on the crime against humanity that is the crass commercialisation of art). He looks to high technologies for inspiration and innovation, taking every opportunity to surpass the limits of human abilities. He sees his role as that of 'meta­composer', crafting rules and algorithms that generate the composition itself. The music of the future cannot be composed by mere humans. He continues to DJ techno and drum'n'bass weaving his signature dark, broody, tribal atmospheres at local festivals such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earthcore and Samsara. His sets are more than random assortments of tracks, they are carefully crafted journeys through alternate realities. He invites you to lose yourself in his mystical worlds of darkness, mystery, intrigue and wonder.

Emcee JDK, Melbourne, Australia. Rap runs in blood and flows in my veins! One love. Contact me at emceejdk@gmail.com for a collaboration or just to say whats up.

About the ‘Silent Assassin’: His shadow-self speaks loud to us through his craft. Illhaus took Jump Ship and Lever’s ‘8 Ballin’ into his chamber, where out came a sound which destined his fate among the partygoers. While we await some more beats to come out of his ‘dark’ corners of his mind, we stay satisfied knowing there is more to come and he isn’t going to leave us hanging … Releases with: Klub Kids Sweat It Out! Music Bump & Flex Recordings Contact: illhauscontact@gmail.com

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