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Charlotte Deep
Berlin, Mitte, Germany

First Technoalbum in progress!

Charlotte Deep
Berlin, Mitte, Germany

First Technoalbum in progress!

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First Technoalbum in progress!

Curious, discovering new sounds and musical experimentations, in connection with destiny, a symbiosis between electronic-musicians Fred Gneckow, Dan Schneider and the world of sound arose. visan.Ambient – created in the heart of Berlin shall create visions and touch the audience emotionally. In various life situations every single song creates another, new dimension in which soft, unforgettable and impulsive soundscapes, too can be found. At the same time you simply immerse, lean back and let your thoughts run free. Once, Fred and Dan had collected many years of experiences during music productions with several artists from several genres and produced successfully own projects, they now can go on a new journey. Long after multiple songs had been produced, a sharp impulse hit them. If you pronounce „visan“ in english it means „vision“. And „Ambient“ opened up from the rest. Among others, they work together with Mitch Kelli, Christin Ditten and Maria Kissimov. Thereby they discovered new possibilities to provide their imaginations with more significance. Currently they are working on the album „Herbstherz“ („autumn heart“), on which several artists can be heard. The single „TRY“ performed by wonderful Kira Albers still comes during this year. Be tensed! Reviews: „I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry.“ -M. Schaefer „Extraordinary beautiful!“ -H. Kujat „[…] I'm overwhelmed by its beauty.“ -K. Square „Haunting, desolatet, perfectly done“ -Zekra „Great richness in this climate!“ -N. Costa

Contact: patrick.galbano@gmail.com Booking: bookings@advanced-music.com BIOGRAPHIE Patrick Galbano Patrick Galbano was born in Berlin and in early years he was a former drummer in a rock band. Surrounded by passion, he fell in love with the Electronic Sound after his first visit at the Tresor Club (2001) and its artists such as Jeff Mills, Kraftwerk or Anja Schneider. Inspired by Berlin's new culture and always with great goals in mind, developed himself in full depth with hard work for many years. Constantly inspired by his musical idols such as Adam Beyer,Boris Brechja, Ramon Tapia and many more…, he took the time to listen, to observe, to learn, to improve and to try something new in order to create his very own sound which would completely create something unique during his performances. Now he is rapidly growing in a very respected artist and producer by celebrating his first professional release on Advanced, which is a first big step for a great carreer. Keep your eyes on this guy ! Patrick Galbano Ehemalig Drummer in einer Rockband verfiel der gebürtige Berliner dem Elektronischem Sound mit seinen ersten besuchen im Tresor ( 2001 ) und seinen Künstlern wie zB. Jeff Mills, Kraftwerk oder Anja Schneider.Von Berlins neuer Kultur inspiriert und immer mit dem Ziel vor Augen sich in erster Linie musikalisch weiter zu entwickeln und seine neu gefundene Liebe in voller Tiefe zu verstehen arbeitete er sich 8 lange Jahre, von seinem besten Freund unterstützt, durch endlose Tutorials von Frequenzlehre, Lautheit oder Körperschall um sich und seine Produktionen stetig zu verbessern und einmalig klingen zu lassen. Zeitgleich legte er ,, klassisch ,, der Vinyl treu bleibend unter verschiedenen Synonymen Deutschlandweit auf und fand schnell Anhang und Begeisterung im Bereich Techno und Techhouse. Ständig inspiriert durch seine musikalischen Idole wie Adam Beyer , Boris Brechja oder Ramon Tapia nahm er sich die Zeit zu zuhören, zu lernen und Neues zu probieren, um seinen komplett eigenen Sound kreieren zu können der ihn bei seinen Auftritten unverkennbar machen würde. In der Vergangenheit eher durch Ghostwriting, Mastering und kleineren Releases im Hintergrund geblieben geht er nun durch ,, Advanced Techno ,, entdeckt und unterstützt seiner musikalischen Karriere und ersten professionellen Releases entgegen. PLAYED @ CARGOSCHIFF * Lübeck PARKHAUS * Lübeck SPINCLUB * Emden HAUS 8 * Stralsund PROJEKT 42 * Mönchengladbach TV CLUB * Greifswald SISSYPHOS * Berlin VCF * Berlin CAMPUS Party * Stralsund M.I.K.Z. * Berlin ARENACLUB * Berlin ARENA GLASHAUS * Berlin TRESOR * Berlin BRUNNEN 70 * Berlin EDELWEISS * Berlin BERLIN MUSIC TV * Berlin / Tv Shouted Fm * Berlin / Radio TACHELES * Berlin SUICIDE CIRCUS * Berlin ASPHALT CLUB * Berlin SCHLOSSPARK * Belzig PARADISE FM * Berlin / Radio PRINCEHALL * Berlin LICHTPARK * Berlin MAGDALENA * Berlin RAW TEMPEL * Berlin RELEASES Bodywork Ep on Advanced http://www.advanced-music.com/

Hey there :D <3 I have a Audio Engineering Diploma and 3D Design Diploma. I love to combine all my skillz to creat complete and complex Concepts. If you want to know more about me go to visite my website: https://evilcoot.wixsite.com/brainfuckingwash I have a lot of diffrent projects running, creating my own music ! I do Sounddesign for movies or music ! I like Songwriting, all Genres ! Professional Mixing and Mastering ! I make Beats diffrent Syles ! I make Logos and Artwork or Cover Design ! I make 3D Models or simple Animations ! I make Concepts ! I make Love not War ! <3 <3 <3

There are so few words for the energy that music shoots through the veins. It is as if we are incapable of making words that truly capture what the soul is, so we have allowed music to be how we all truly communicate. I am green at creating music in this space, but i yearn to communicate with each and every one of you. I would also like to extend my sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who stops by, listens to, and shares their feelings on my songs.You are all constant and profound inspiration and i have been deeply moved and encouraged by you. THANK YOU and i wish peace to you all! all enquiries can be made to mrskwirl@gmail.com

Im a sound designer, mixing - engineer and musician with +10 years experience. Graduated as an Audio Engineer in SAE Berlin. Passionate in music and sonic freak. Good knowledge and decent gear. Easy going, friendly and effective. Im not very limited by genres although my strongs are in Experimental, Minimal, Techno, House, Ambient. Anyways I consider genres are currently so mixed that sometime is hard to categorize. I prefer just to listen to your project and see how we can work on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I can do for you : - Advance Mix of your song to achieve the best balance before it goes to mastering - Basic mastering for promotion - Guitar session recordings (Electric & Classical/bass guitar) - Beat/Rhythm maker ( w/ Drum machines, modular syntesizers) ANALOG! - Edit/ Post - Edit - Creation of a whole project (Ghost producer) or finishing a song - Remix a song - Just write me and tell what is you think your projects need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The key is to have a good communication and be satisfied with the results. Hit me up and let´s talk about our next project !

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Anthony, CEO of BYMYGO

The redesign has taken our brand to the next level

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