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Roland Magnum

I'm a musician, And fortunately for you Movie Producers, i make movie scores! Business inquiries : galactic.roland@gmail.com #composer #musicproduce...

Abnormal Sounds

Affiliations: Harry Fox Agency (HFA Royalty Licencing) SongFile (HFA) http://www.songfile.com/ Music XRay (The Highest Engagment Professional)A&R ...

S.S. Shaman

Ayo! Name's Shaman! I am just a regular kid from the heart of Brooklyn aka Flatbush Junction & I Love Music From The Essence Of Who I Am! Love Y...

David Kornfeld

David Kornfeld composes "engaging and original" (Chicago Theatre Beat) music that is lyrical, accessible, and above all emotionally moving, ...

Nelyzabeth Garcia

CREADO para dar difusión a las nuevas propuestas musicales en su formato acústico. El Arte de las Musas es un programa de radio transmitido por www....


Lover of Music from an early age, Kyle Warrell, under the name Kiz, comes forth with his talents in song-writing along with singing. Releasing his deb...

Ruslan Moiseev

Professional drummer, percussionist, composer, songwriter, band-leader, clinician from Russia.

Marqueise Brakeman

BFAB born from a boom-box/ Bad From A Born. an outstanding artist, song writer, and vocalist with a banding taste of music looking to share good sound...

Walter Gatti

As musician I'm involved in organ and harpsichord player, choir's and orchestra's conductor, composer both in classical's and electronic's styles

Dominic Martin

$100 Leases $500 exclusive For Bookings Collabs and beats sales contact my manager at musicmoney135@gmail.com


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