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Labels: - Adverso Records - Avenue Recordings - Bagira Ice Records - Bedroom Muzik - Consumed Records - Crosstech Records - Dirty Music Records - Inexplikable Records - Jesus Love Records - New Era Recordings - Moonshake Records - Moxi Records - Shibiza Recordings - Solguz Recordings - Spiral Music - Syringe Records Supported by: Angelo Ferreri, An-Beat, Cristian Varela, David Herrero, Darkrow, Del Horno, Dj Fronter, Dj Wady, George Privatti, Groovebox, JJ Mullor, Johan Dresser, John Aguilar, Joy Marquez, Lui Maldonado, Marco Carola, Mario Ochoa, Marcelo Vak, Manel Diaz, Maverickz, Mike Newman, Oscar L, Paco Morato, Patrick M, Prok & Fitch, Ricardo Espino, Rio Dela Duna, Sack Muller, Sergio Fernandez, Stefano Noferini, Umek, Uto Karem, Vlada Asanin, Yas Cepeda, Yves Eaux and many many more... Infos and Bookings : realnewmanhere@gmail.com I was born on 30 June 1991, in Hungary. I started out learning about House, a style that swept me off my feet when I was 13. I quickly learned using various mixing and music editing software so that I could create music that I liked. I release my first album called Mr.Corazón in 2012 on Consumed Records (SPA). ----------- My other releases: ----------- --» Once Apart Ep on Syringe Recordings in 2012 --» Nephentes Ep on New Era Recordings in 2012/13 --» "Who's Affected" on Beat Tech Records New Year Compilation in 2012/13 --» Safari Ep on Avenue Recordings in February (Release Support By: Prok & Fitch, Rio Dela Duna, George Privatti, Johan Dresser, Sergio Fernandez, Patrick M) - "Jungle House" in Uto Karem Live set@London [http://soundcloud.com/uto-karem/uto-karem-dc7-egg-london-26-01] --» "One Night In The City" collab. with Dj Christopher on Bedroom Muzik WMC 2013 Compilation in March - Our track has Hottest Track and Best Demo in Dj Wady Mix Session --» "Impression" on Avenue Recordings Miami 2013 Compilation in March (Release Support By: Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez, Ant Brooks, DJMadskillz, Vlada Asanin, Paco Morato, Sergio Fernandez, Erick E, Siwell, Luca M, Filterheadz, Heartik and many many more!) - "Impression" on Adverso Records Compilation called Adversidades Vol.2 in April (Release with: Mario Ochoa, Dj PP, Dj Fronter, George Privatti, Johan Dresser, JUST2, Flavio Diaz, Vlada Asanin, and many more...) - Mario Ochoa played "Impression" in his 'Infected Beats' podcast and His Music Therapy 1605PD103 | 1605 Podcast [http://www.sixteenofive.com/podcast/1605pd103] --» Smooth / Bumpy EP on Adverso Records in April - Umek supported the "Smooth" in his Evolution Podcast [http://soundcloud.com/d2techno/evolution-podcast-001-with] --» "Get Some Pacino" on Avenue Recordings The Rumble Volume 4 Compilation in April (Release Support By: Loko, Sergio Fernandez, Mark Knight, Dj PP aka Gabriel Rocha, Gianni Scotto, Luca M, Xavi Alfaro and many many more!) - Mario Ochoa played "Get Some Pacino" in his 'Infected Beats' podcast --» Makonde / Nodus EP on Solguz Recordings in May --» "Airplane" collab. with Dj Christopher on Spiral Music in June - Stefano Noferini supported the "Airplane" on his Club Edition Podcast [http://soundcloud.com/stefano-noferini/club-edition-040-with-stefano] - Stefano Noferini played the "Airplane" at Pacha in Buenos Aires, Argentina [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYlCmZp-8rs] --» Enjoy EP on Shibiza Recordings in July incl. Enjoy, Penthouse Party, Hi Malta - Dj Supporters: Angelo Ferreri, An-Beat, Alvaro Smart, BK Duke, Cristian Varela, Dj Fronter, Darkrow, Del Horno, Deko-ze, Edy Ramas, Eric Montero, Fabio De Magistris, JJ Mullor, Johan Dresser, John Aguilar, Joy Marquez, Lui Maldonado, Marcelo Vak, Mark Ferrer, Manel Diaz, Maverickz, Matt McLarrie, Michael Deep, Mike Newman, Milkwish, Oscar L, Paco Martin, Ricardo Espino, Rio Dela Duna, Sergio Fernandez, Yas Cepeda, Yves Eaux and many many more... --» Mirror EP on Crosstech Records in July incl. Mirror, Bongo - "Bongo" in The Crossworld Show (DI.FM) [http://soundcloud.com/crossworldpodcast/the-crossworld-show-on-di-fm] --» Dj Entwan - Deeper Love EP on Spiral Music in August incl. Dj Christopher Remix, Newmanhere Remix ..................................................................................................... I hope you will hear more about me and, of course, from me, in the future! Newmanhere

Seldon was born in 1978 in Budapest, Hungary. As he was surrounded by music from the early age it's determined his addiction to sound. He met the real techno sound in the mid 90s at the roots of the Hungarian underground. He bought his first records in 1996. He started to play at various gigs from 1998, but when his vinyl collection had been stolen he had to suspend his musical carrier. In 2011 he started his collaboration with the Electrocat crew. Also in 2011 the France based Awdio.com started to support him by offering a main page promotion to his bi-weekly live online show “Sonovizor”. This show had been re-launched in 2014 on “Paris 1 - Reverse” web radio and later on it moved to Digitally Imported / di.fm minimal channel. In 2014 he started another show, "Subconcious safari" at www.artstyletechno.hu. While "Sonovizor" is focusing on deeper sounds and minimal, "Subconcious safari" is a more complex techno project. He released his first collab track in 2012, with Khristian K under Mandms Music. Seldon has several parties with the audio-visual group “Lumenartist”. Beside of Hungary he plays in Belgium, Germany, Austria and Holland. In 2015 he started a European level collaboration with a DJ mate Chryophase. "Silent discussion" is organised events in Budapest, Hungary and Aberdeen, UK and now it is active in Australia. In 2015 Seldon started the "Budapest in the dark" for club nights at Budapest. His performances are unique, hypnotic and trippy, makes the listener move with closed eyes... makes both the mind and the body move. You can find me and my friends on Facebook: Seldon : www.facebook.com/seldonism Budapest in the dark : www.facebook.com/budapestinthedark

Stoffer is a hungarian DJ and producer. He was born in 1985 in Budapest, Hungary. He had been attracted to music from his childhood on. At the age of 14 he first started mixing Techno and Progressive House music (Global Underground and Bedrock releases still had an influence on his sets). After a few years, he turned to Progressive and Deep House. Pioneer records like Anjunadeep, Balkan Connection and Mistiquemusic inspired his work. He affectionately uses atmospheric elements and a lot of melody in his sets. Lately, Stoffer's taste in music has expanded to include a very wide spectrum of music under different aliases and collaborations. #Budapestdj #remix #Musician #Producer #HouseMusic

booking and collab: bass.droid@gmail.com Simulatrix aka Bassdroid is a Budapest based techno/experiemntal electronica producer who started as a dj during the late 1990's, early 2000's at the now legendary Tilos Radio. This cult (formerly pirate) radio station of Budapest served as an avantgarde lighthouse on the turbulent seas of the shaping Hungarian underground electronic music scene. As a dj his main aural influences come from Detroit techno, olsdskool electro, chicago-house, hip-hop and acid. The aforementioned ganeras are more or less represented in his sets no matter if he goes 4/4 or breaks the beats or gets down to funk and hip-hop. Between 2000 and 2004 he played at numerous underground gigs across Hungary mostly known as a nu'skool and prog breaks dj. Following the year 2004 his attention turned for some two years to electroclash and synth driven new electro and formed the dex'n'efx duo Gigolos Of Budapest to spread the decadent punk-hearthed electroclash noises.2006 slowly brougt another shif in his musical world and got him into the Berline-minimal sound and experimental electronica with glitchy noises and strange soundscapes. As a producer he is creating his own "peaces of noise" since 2004 experimenting with almost any style or genera of music. Momentarily he produces experimental electronica and technoish, dubby tracks. He studied and graduated in 2012 at the Ableton certified "ImPro - Budapest School of Music Technology". Such "electronic music giants" were his teachers and served as inspiration and influence as Fine Cut Bodies, Modul aka Mango, Iamyank and glitch-hop international heavyweight AMB. Constantly expanding his musical worlds he strives to convey his inner self in a form of unexpected "never before heard" sound-sculptures.

I'm a 20 years old producer from Budapest,Hungary. I like to make creative stuffs like photo,audio editing,and of course music making but I have to learn much more of these. I'm listening and producing and taking inspire from these styles: House,Progressive House,Deep House,Hip-Hop and other genres which getting stuck in my mind by their tunes. So,enjoy my music and I pleased to hear recommendations and opinions as well. :) E-mail: djmorszyofficial@gmail.com

DJ STI Favorite genre: Techno, Hard Techno DJ STI started playing music 2010 Hungary Favorite genre: Techno, Hard Techno Countless mix is made, which can be viewed on www.facebook.com/DjSTI0313 Rezidens Dj: Radio Electronic Music Zone (www.facebook.com/electronicmusictoworld) Dj STI Radio Show: Friday each week 20:00-21:00 Radio Show WEB: www.radioelectronicmusic.net Techno Sound Cloud: @remi-dee Hard Techno Sound Cloud: www.soundcloud.com/dj-sti-hard-techno He has performed: Art Style: Techno Radio Show (DJ Johnnx Presents Techno Therapy room) Art Style: Techno Radio Show (Nitrowsky & Tasy & Friends: The Dirty Techno) Countless mix is made, which can be viewed on www.radioelectronicmusic.net/artist/djsti.html www.facebook.com/DjSTI0313 www.soundcloud.com/remi-dee www.soundcloud.com/dj-sti-hard-techno www.hearthis.at/rh4mhqpd/ www.twitter.com/sub_dj www.vk.com/id292235303 www.mixcloud.com/DjSTI/

My setup : 2xPioneer CDJ-800MK2 2x Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Pioneer DJM-900NXS Pioneer EFX-500 Headphone: Pioneer SE-DJ5000 email : rolika88@gmail.com

DJ GREGA - Techno Dj/Producer/Live act/Remixer He is one of the best oldschool Hungarian Techno and Classic Techno Dj/Producer/Live act, since 1994. He was the resident dj at Supersonic Technicum underground club 1999-2004. The Supersonic Technicum was the first and best hungarian techno club (1999-2005) where was techno events every weekend on Budapest. He played together with The Advent live and Billy Nasty on Hungary (Hype energy drink events-1996) and then Grega wanted more Techno parties on Hungary! He played more Techno club and Techno events on Hungary… Grega playing with 3 turntables (vinyl) or 3 cd player Classic and New techno style and playing in live acts! Info / Booking: djgrega0@gmail.com Mixes: https://mixcloud.com/tamás-grega/ https://mixcloud.com/djgrega0/ Grega in live acts: -G-tone (Techno) -Alpha Rhytmika (deep and dark tech) - Grega Live! (Techno, Hard-Techno) Grega played together with international djs: Andy Slate, Alexander Koning, The Advent, Adam Beyer, Balthazar, Billy Nasty, Dj Boss, Cristian Varela, Christian Smith, Dejan Milicevic, Delano, Electric Indigo, Eric Fischer, Felippe, Gayle San, Gaetano Parisio, Henrik B. , Jorro, James Ruskin, Leo Lycra, Living Fx /Mc Mars & Spot/, Luke Slater, Matthew Bell, Marco Carola, Monika Kruse, Misjah, Man at arms, Treplec, Marco Bailey, Marko Nastic, Patrik Skoog, Rino Cerrone, Rokis, Slobodan, Samuel L.Session, Space dj’z, Speedy J., Thomas Krome, Toby Izui, Toky, Tommy de Clerque, Glenn Wilson, Michael Burkat, Torsten Kanzler, dj Rush , Marco Remus, Pet duo, Fatima Hajji, Niereich, Angy Kore, Viper xxl, Du' Art... Released tracks: 1998. Abstrax & djGrega - welcome to starlight (breakbeat remix)/House Bomba (Hungaroton) 1998. Abstrax & dj Grega feat. Sylvie – on the other side /E-Play generation compilation v.a. 1999. Abstrax & dj Grega - logic (Universal Music) 1999. X-ion aka. Grega & abstrax - nitro / Hungarian truck at loveparade / (Universal Music) 2000. Abstrax & dj Grega - Rahmayana / True sound of freee magazin vol.1.(freee mag. cd extra) 2002. released on promo vinyl for dj's: -Dj Grega - the mission complete -Dj Grega - strike -G-tone - minimalism pt.1. 2003. Dj Grega & Istian – Monkeyparade / Budapest parade 2003 CD (Recordexpress) 2004. Dj Grega & Istian – Nectar / Budapest parade compillation v.a. (Recordexpress) 2004. Dj Grega & Istian – Cloud logic / Hungarian techno only vol.1. (Freee magazin cd extra) 2005. Dj Grega & Istian – Wakazashi / Hungarian techno only vol.2. (Freee magazin cd extra) 2005. Dj Grega & Istian – Manual attack (parade edit) / Budapest parade 2005 CD (C.L.S. Rec.) 2006. Alexsession and Somi – Soul photographia (Grega and Ishtee remix) (Explodelabient rec.) 2012. Alpha Rhytmika aka. Grega - Retina E.P. (Audioexit records) 2012. Warped & Neville - Out of controll / Alpha Rhytmika remix / (Resorted records) 2012. Alpha Rhytmika – Fitter / 5 years audioexit records compilation v.a. (Audioexit rec.) More trax: https://www.beatport.com/artist/grega/301834 https://www.beatport.com/label/infinite-records/44583 https://www.beatport.com/artist/alpha-rhytmika/301833 https://www.beatport.com/artist/compact-noise/535840 https://www.beatport.com/artist/grega-technoid/410659 2014. Grega & Istian – Storm (NPR Limitless rec.) 2014. Grega & Istian – Candyman is Back again (NPR Limitless rec.) 2014. Grega & Istian – Julius (NPR Limitless rec.) 2014. Grega & Istian – Zero hour (NPR Limitless rec.) 2014. Grega & Assilem – Love shine true (NPR Limitless rec.) 2014. Grega & Assilem – Diving (NPR Limitless rec.) 2014. Grega – Elevated Mood (Resorted Limited) and more on beatport...

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