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Visionary AKA Michael Thompson Bio Visionary by definition means: a person with a clear, distinctive, and specific vision of the future. Complimented by a radio personality as being, "An artist to watch" and "The next big artist out of Canada!" - Michael Thompson was born in High Gate, St. Catherine in Jamaica. This musician is able to bring the father's words to light by expressing the vivid visions presented to him through inspirational lyrics and an angelic voice; earning him the name Visionary. On Saturday February 22, 2014, Vision for Life Productions launched the Official Studio One tribute album of multi-talented and award winning recording artist Visionary. The sensational Singer/Songwriter/Author put on dynamic performance, on stage delivering hit after hit, leaving the capacity crowd wanting more This “Grassroots” album project has really meant a lot to me. I consider it a great honor and privilege to be asked by Veteran Sound System owner Mr. Victor “Tipper” Henry of Tipper Tone Music to embark on this great project in tribute of Studio One also on the team was 3 time Grammy award-winning Barry O'Hare, and producer Ernie of Reflex Studio. In between writing and singing uplifting music, this musician has also written his first book entitled "The Hidden Agenda of Reggae Music". Visionary’s undoubted passion for producing authentic sounds has rewarded him with 3 nominations in 2008, and 2 nominations in 2009 by the Canadian Reggae Music Awards, and on Saturday September 22, 2012 Visionary received Top Male Singer Award for 2011-2012 at Uprising Entertainment Productions “Youth in Progress Talent Award Showcase”. This talented singer has recorded numerous singles and in 2005 Visionary released an EP called "Look to the Hills", which garnered many positive reviews. This led to the greatly anticipated full-length debut album "Brace Yourself" issued in 2007, which was produced by Studio One legend Willi Williams. The album received rave reviews from the press and on radio stations in Africa, The United States, Jamaica , and Canada which significantly broadened Visionary’s fan base on a global scale. Visionary has entertained countless crowds of fans over the years in Guadeloupe, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and The United States. His journeys have opened up opportunities for him to perform at major cultural events such as: Canada 's top international Reggae festivals in Toronto , Montreal and Calgary ; as well as Caribana, Jamaica Day, Miss Black Canada World, Miss Ghana , Miss Trinidad and Tobago , and the Canadian Reggae Music Awards. Some of the luminary artists Visionary has had the honour to share the stage with are: Maxi Priest, Beres Hammond, Third World, Dobby Dobson, Prince Buster, Willi Williams, George Nooks, R&B crooner Regina Belle and Dorothy Moore. At an early age Michael's talent was recognized and propelled his journey, along with his four siblings they formed a gospel vocal quintet with a roots feel called ‘The Heavenly Charmers’. The group did exceptionally well, performing at various churches and events in Jamaica until Visionary went solo and moved on to the Edna Manley College for the Visual & Performing Arts where he received an exchange student musical scholarship to Temple University in Philadelphia , and focused on the piano and vocal programs. While studying, he worked as an art therapist with delinquent children at the West Philadelphia Consortium. Upon leaving Philadelphia, Visionary migrated to Canada and began a new journey in writing and recording stimulating music. Visionary aspires to continue to write influential lyrics, he intends to share his melodious, conscious, and relevant music to listeners worldwide. Visionary always aims to grow through discipline, experiences, and humility to remain an inspiration for everyone who hears his music. With a strong management team, Visionary has great support around him to assist him in the education of the nation through his music, and build a much stronger foundation of fans throughout Canada, Jamaica, and the world at large. Contact: Vision For Life Productions J Lewis 1~416~315~2952 Ras Newby 1~416~697~2460 visionforlife2003@yahoo.ca visionforlife / mikereggarvibe isionary2

PRAJEKX, A YOUNG UPCOMING DANCEHALL ARTIST. PLEASE CONTACT 1876(474-9784) prajekxfreeflow@gmail.com Any Producer,Promoter,Booking Agency that would like to work internationally and locally with

I started out as a writer, writing for Guinness world record holder Daddy Freddy, Then I use to have to be demonstrating my lyrics to my friends at school and in and around my neighborhood, and so I jump in the game entering into bottles on the street corners until we move to DJing () on sound system after that I became a sound owner and promoting my own events, I didn't start recording until Year,2000. my first recording was with a group Call the Covenant Radicals, I was also the founder of that group along with the label name, ( Covenant Records ) now ( Jobiz Covenant Records ) The single didn't go too far and so did the group, I work away learning how to stand on my own. I have perform on many stages opening for many big names in the business, names like Sizzla, Capleton, Saun Paul, Sanchez D, kimany Marley, and lots more. My music has found its way on movie sound tracks, my following is now growing more and more every day. Ras Hardcore music is getting more and more popularity in places like Africa, Europe, and very strongly in the Spanish country's.

ThaSound Music Group, All rights reserved. Contact Me at: djsmileyg@gmail.com

I am from Jamaica and I love music its my heart and soul I can`t live with out. Music is what keep the world in check and balance that's my definition on what music is to me.

Wesbeezi is an Artist/Songwriter and Producer representing for NooNationMusic. I am presently focusing on making new music with new and inspiring artistes (mainly friends and likewise associates) whose talents are not able to get exposed because of media traffic. I am mainly into writing and recording along with videos and rhythm distribution. NooNation is composed on Artists, Video editor, DanceHall Dj (Selector) Rhythm producer and Dancers

Jomo Fhiya’s Autobiography o Birth: Earth o Date of Birth: 03/22/81 o Place of Birth: Kingston/Jamaica o Place of Residence from Birth: August Town o Musical Years on Earth: 10 years o Musical Journey: 2009-present & going o Expected Destination in Music: Bill Board Charts # 1 & Grammy winner/Become 1 of The Best Producers’ Ever o Nationality: Jamaican-with an Ethiopian connection (African) o Religion/Spiritual belief: Love/Ras-Ta-Far-I Consciousness & nature o Education: Mona Primary-Mona High Mona School of Continuing Studies U.W.I. Heart Trust N.T.A. Okanagan College August Town Musical Street Side College o Hobbies: Making music, writing, Recording, mixing, arranging, Singing & performing basketball, playing chess, football, cooking & farming drawing/sketch & meditating. o Website Links http://fb.me/Basemen2665Production https://twitter.com/JOMOFAHYAH https://www.reverbnation.com/jomofhiya https://soundcloud.com/tags/jomofhiya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgWPrluqUiw https://www.twine.is/JOMOfHIYA o Study Ration: Life & Nature o Meditation: RastafarI-Yoga-Tai-Chi Chakra Development o Language: Patwa, English and Broken English o Favoured Artists: Tupac Shakur D.M.X., Refugees , Bone Thugs n Harmony, Nas- Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Aidonia, Fhiyahshua, Damion Marley Peter Tosh, Richie Spice, Sizzla Kalonji, Anthony B- Buju Banton, Garnett Silk, Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Sanchez, Whitney Houston and Celine dion. o Musical Mentors: Beres Hammond, Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Fhiyahshua, Damion Marley, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley And many more. o Skills: Composing, Arranging, Mixing, Recording, Producing, Performing Acting, Farming, Constructing, Carpentry Culinary Arts Specialist, (chef), Craftsman & Survivor. o Performances August Town Primary School Charity Show Magnum Kings and Queen of Dance Hall/Jonah 1 1 1 Stage Show Sizzla Kalonji Youth Foundation/Riva Jambaree Stage Show Latty J’s Rising Star Concert o Achievements: JACAP=Jamaica Association of Composers Authors & Publishers; Writers Music Certificate. Certificate for charity works done in my community. Applauded for performing on multiple charity shows; Jomo Fhiya’s Autobiography What do you hope to achieve with your musical career?  Win awards, top the top charts with high quality lifelong conscious music that can and will uplift the mind, body and spirit of my people, nation, country, global friends and associates. How would you describe your music?  Conscious, Inspiring, Demanding, Uplifting, Intense, Reflective and very appealing to the conscious and sub-conscious mind; very subliminal, entertaining, energizing, nature loving and very Godly. How would you describe Jomo Fhiya?  Inspiring, motivating, kind, multi talented, verbally oriented, artistic, very strong work ethic, positive, strong willed, determine, self motivated and inspired, grounded, intuitive and creative. Very fond of justice. What can people expect from Jomo Fhiya?  Absolute greatness: high quality production, awesome records, down to earth and uplifting music for the world. Who or what inspired you to do music?  Music inspired me; as music is life, and being a big supporter of life I feel more than obligated to give or deliver my musical skills and talents to the people. What was it like growing up in a musical village like August Town?  Ruff! Sometimes, not even your best is good enough. We have so much talent in the village that we’re going to need more recording studios and concert (shows), so that the artists can express themselves on a professional platform; (which some already are) some of which are among the biggest global acts. Acts like Sizzla Kalonji-Etayna-Dwayne Stephenson; just to name a few. When did your musical journey start?  My musical journey started with my family genetics: my father choir member, my mother choir member, 2 of my sisters are big choir members at one of the more dominant churches in my country; my cousin Arthur from General Sound System-is one of the biggest engineers in the Island. I have more than 10 close relatives that are deeply involved in music. I use to take lessons from the great Ashley Killa (dj), Keneth Grant and the whole Terrorist Sound System from back in the 90’s. I travelled with the sound system as an apprentice gathering knowledge and musical information. When I was in class at Mona High-5th form, we use to have what we Jamaican school children call-Class Clash! Where one student would play a popular beat on the desktop and we would have the artists from same and other classes face off over the beat; owe! It was sweet. I won some and I lost some (more wins than loses of course).I have so many skills that I did not know what I wanted to do after leaving high school. I went back to school after leaving high school to further my education and to improve on my existing skills. Me and my friends from where I live June Road ( J. Block) decided we were going to start a component set sound clash; which we did. We had 5 component sound systems (me-Bloody High Power, Jah Lencs Sound System, DJ. Kareem, Nigrish Mentality and Dingy Fresh) trying to win the bragging rights and more goodies. It was a success and we did this for about 3 consecutive years. But the real musical journey started in Canada 2009 whiles going to Okanagan College. I met a producer by the name of Natty Soljah-he taught me a lot: how to use Cue base 5, harmony, professional style of recording and a lot more. It was at this time that I started to put my voice over a beat and it was really nice to hear my voice being played on a track. The first two tracks I did were called Mama-Angel in the night-which featured myself and Natty Soljah himself and Mysterious Life-done by me on a Damion Marley beat. My journey with Natty Soljah ended abruptly as he was going back to France. I went with him and Biggz (Basement family) to the air port and on our way back we got the surprise of our life’s, when we picked up another Jamaican that was going to stay in the same apartment we were staying in. It so happened that this new stranger turned out to be another producer, with some ‘mad’ beat making skills; this was none other than T.V.P.=Teddy Pryce-Basement family. H e literally picked up where Natty Soljah left off and we missed nothing as we started working on some master pieces right away. We worked some ridiculously insane hours on tracks-beats-vocals-delivery and approach. This very long every day recording and drilling is what prepared me for the next musical journey of my life? I came back to Jamaica from Canada and with a brain filled with some amazingly awesome music Ideas and knowledge that will uplift many of the very talented youths from my community. First thing I did was to construct a brand new studio at my home (in the living room) lol! My Mom thought I was crazy and friends said I was mad; but I knew me and I know what I had learned in Canada. I was bussing with excitement and passion. One day, I was coming down Barrett’s Drive in August Town and ran into a very good friend and musical mentor from across the river-more popularly known as Fhiyahshua (Andy Jackson). He was one of my mentors, as I had never seen anyone in my town as righteous and humble as this man. He taught me a lot about our Black King from Ethiopia and RastafarI. We meditate and teach each other. We both came from humble beginnings. Everything I knew about music, he advanced. He taught me a whole lot about the music business and gave me my very first official single –Uplifted- in stores and on demand in ITunes and Amazon, YouTube and more. From then, I never stopped. I have my own recording label now. Give thanks! Do you see a place in the feature for your music?  Yes! Just like I know there’s a place beside my God for me. My music is life and life can never stop. My music will go on forever. My music will go very far and wide as it is very uplifting and inspiring. Many decades after I have retired, my music will only just be warming up.


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